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More tomorrow….

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Happy Monday Everyone!

So – I’m haunted by the fact that I’ve done very little writing this year.

I ask myself why is that?

I tell myself – I’m in a rut, I’ve lost my momentum, I need to change things up, I need to find a new angle.

I think it is all of those things….

I think the one thing that really resonates with me is  the “change things up“.

I’d like to change this blog a bit, I just don’t know what direction to take in.

Here’s my vision or dream of what this might become:

A place where people turn for inspiration so they in-turn are inspired to do the things that bring them joy and happiness.  

How do I do this?  How do we do this?

That’s the key – I’d like for this to be more of a WE.

I’m motivated by people!

I love hearing people’s stories; their challenges, their triumphs, their frustrations and how they overcame them.  I love hearing the daily processes that we all go through and still end up being happy.

I love hearing from you!

I’m working on changing the angle of this blog and my vision overall.  I’ll keep you posted along the way.  I’m hoping we can inspire each other and learn from each other.

I’d love it if you continued on this journey with me.  Invite a friend, join a conversation…stay awhile.

More tomorrow….



PS – I always think of the movie Happy Feet and the quote when I hear the word trimuph


“The word triumph starts with “try” and ends with a great big UMPH!”

Happy Feet



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

One thought on “More tomorrow….

  1. I totally agree with the ‘change it up’ idea! Bringing in fresh energy or a different perspective or just even a little variety helps get me out of a rut every now and then. One thing I’ve come to grips with recently kind of surprised me, though. I’m NOT a morning person and have been feeling frustrated with myself at my falling behind and not getting much done in the first half of the day. But a couple weeks ago I decided to stop fighting my natural rhythms and try to work with them, instead of against them. I stay in my jammies until late morning, but get my computer work done and photo-taking because that’s what I feel excited and capable of doing at that time of day. Then I shower and get the errands and other things done once I feel ‘awake’. It makes it feel like less of a fight with myself when I tailor my to-do list around my natural tendencies, and I end up getting more done!

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