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Tips on Tuesdays – start small and multi-task

One of the many things I talk with people about is “how do I fit a workout in my day…look at it!”

First of all – I love this calendar – why? Because it is color coded!  But I digress.

I hear ya – you calendar is slammed full; you get up early and are running around all day long.  Sadly, all this running isn’t the right sort of running recommended to stay in shape, keep a healthy heart or even lose weight.

So what do you do when it is just as hard to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule as it to squeeze into your jeans (skinny or not).

Let me start by saying – I am not a fitness expert.  In fact, one of my goals for myself this year is to lose 40 pounds.  (Watch my progress on this and other goals I’ve set for this year.)

It is my thought that once you are in the habit of doing something, it will be easier to do more of it.  Think about it – eating that handful of M&M’s one afternoon easily turns into a daily occurrence.  Checking Facebook a couple times a day can easily turn into an hourly occurrence.

So the question is more – how do I start the habit of exercising (did you see my calendar, Amy?)

I think the best way is to start small and to incorporate the new routine into your daily activities.

  1. Check out this list of workout DVD’s on Amazon.  They are all under 30 minutes.  Can you find 10- 30 minutes a few days a week to do one of these DVDs, even if it means waking up a tiny bit early on some days?
  2. Find ways to multi-task with exercise and other things.  Coaching your son’s soccer team, doing lunges while grocery shopping, sit on one of those large balls while surfing Facebook.

The theory is you’ll start to see results and be more motivated and build your endurance so that you’ll be able to work up to your other goals and eventually add more to your day or change things around to fit your other activities.

Question of the day – Do you have any different ways that you fit exercise into your days?

Happy Tuesday!