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It’s Back to School – – -but I say ….”just one more….”

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A few years ago my main focus of my blog and my Facebook page was to offer time management tools and tips to help active families and busy professionals find more time in their days.  And looking back at some of my writings from this same time of year – Back to School – I wrote some pretty good tips.

But if I were to write a blog today about what to do to prepare for Back to School this year – I would title it “Just one more…

Here are some suggestions:

  • Sleep late just one more morning….
  • Go to the beach/lake/pool just one more time…
  • Watch the stars just one more night….
  • Read just one more book….
  • Eat in the garden just one more time…..
  • Wear your PJ’s until 4pm just one more day…..
  • Put your swimsuit on just one more time….
  • Go barefoot in the grass or sand just once more….

You know what – this is the last summer it will ever be like this.  This is last time my sons will turn ten and six.  And while next summer, we will surely have a blast again – it won’t be this summer.  They’ll be a little older, I’ll be a little older, friends will mean more, it will be a different time.

In a couple of weeks, school will be starting, for some school starts in a couple of days.  Our next big break will be Christmas – but it won’t be the same.  Christmas break is busy, dark and rainy (or snowy if you live somewhere else besides Seattle) and exciting in its own right.

Ever since my  trip to Hawaii I’ve tried to change my thinking and I try (although I have to work harder than others) to remember to savor the days and to make the most of them.  We’ve had a great summer this summer and I’m going to make the most out of the last few days.

What about you – what is “just one more…” thing you might do?



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Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

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