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Thursdays Takes – I don’t get Twitter….

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Ok – so it isn’t so much that I don’t get – – I actually do  – I get retweeting, #FF, #;s and @.  I’ve DM’d others and I do Tweet throughout my day.  I get it – I’m not some old fart who just turned 40 who just doesn’t understand new trends.

I guess what my question should be is ….who has time for Twitter?

Look at that sweet little guy – – who wouldn’t want to spend time with him?

My Dad sent me a link to an article that he wrote for a technical website.  He was recently hired to write a series on “Software and Hardware Test Engineering.”  It is what he does – he writes code and now he writes articles about writing code.  He’s where I get my technical interest.

It was an interesting article and I suggested to him that he sign up for a Twitter profile so he can tout his article, thinking this would bring more readers and even subscribers to the blog.

We went back and forth via email as I tried to explain to him what Twitter was all about and how I thought it might help him get his articles noticed.

I sent him my login in and password so he could look at my Twitter account “live” so he could see what is was all about without having to sign up and follow people and get followers.

His thoughts after doing so:

“hmmm… I’m underwhelmed.  Just as I thought: lots of advertising, random thoughts and favorite quotes.  If I was to follow up on Half of them, I ‘d be too busy to do anything else. “

And I have to admit – this is the exact problem I have with Twitter.  Who has time for it?

There is obviously something happening that I’m missing.  I have many friends who are on Twitter.  And many of them love it!

But how are they doing it?  Or should I say – when are they doing it?

This is not meant to be a rhetorical question.  I really mean it.  Who has time to read all those articles that are linked?   And I see people who follow thousands of people. Are they reading and commenting and retweeting all those tweets?   Do they live on Twitter?  What else are they doing during their day?

My dad followed up by saying:

“If everyone puts, and no one gets, then what is the purpose?  Just having your words out there somewhere? “

I do have to admit – I do like to follow Twitter and will do a hashtag search when I am curious to see what’s happening or what’s being said about a popular topic.  I think I was on Twitter more during the Super Bowl reading comments about Madonna’s performance than I actually spent watching the game.  And from that perspective – it was useful and entertaining.

I also think this is a great source for news.  I follow a few new sources and will look up things in the news for up to the minute updates.  For example, there was a state trooper who was killed in our county last night.  The story is being updated every few minutes as the story develops.  I’ve been reading the updates to find out the latest.  I find this a useful aspect about Twitter.

I also read an article on how Twitter can help teachers keep in touch with the parents of their students by tweeting daily what they are working on.  I think I would like this and check in daily.

I want to use Twitter more.  I like technology and I like being in the know of what is current.  But I admit – – I just can’t seem to get my grasp on this one.  I’m open for help and suggestions on how I can incorporate Twitter into my daily routine.  Help – anyone out there – can you help me?

Happy Thursday Everyone – – Amy



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One thought on “Thursdays Takes – I don’t get Twitter….

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