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Not Me Monday – Stop Wasting Time

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Happy Monday Everyone,

This week’s edition of Not Me Monday is brought to you by American Express.


Well – – it’s an article on their site.  I belong to a group on Linkedin with the person who was interviewed for this article and I thought his points would be great to share.

Here are my thoughts on the article –8 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Get More Done

Getting to work early – I’ve actually written about this in the past.  I love getting to work before everyone else – no interruptions, no immediate replies to emails, no phone calls.  If you can make it a habit at least once a week, I bet you’d be surprised at how much extra work you can get accomplished.

Just last week I wrote about my experience with Twitter and how in the world do people have time for it.  This shares the author’s points on managing information flow.  Wetmore suggests taking a speed reading course – I suggest reading less.  Actually – my suggestions are to find a set number of reliable sources that you trust and you enjoy reading and stick with them (hopefully my blog is among them).  Keep the sources balanced so you get a good variety on different topics.  But I’ve always believed – you don’t have to read everything.  That means you don’t have to subscribe to everyone’s blog nor do  you have to read every piece of mail that comes to your mailbox or your inbox.

I also really like his points on keeping a time log and also embracing white space.  Look for my expanded thoughts on these points in the next few weeks.

Hope you’re having a great day!



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