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Happy November!

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There is something about November 1st that is always very energizing for me.  Something about Halloween being over marking the official start to the Holiday Season.

I mean – Starbucks jumps on November1st – they started using their infamous Red Cups today.  

Soon our local soft-rock radio station will start playing 24/7  Holiday music.  I love it!

I love the Holiday Season in general.  I like the craziness, I could do without the traffic.  I like how everyone seems a little nicer, the cold air feels crisp and refreshing, the shorter days make the twinkle lights even brighter.

I love visiting with friends, Holiday newsletters and Christmas cards with family photos, sharing our story with friends and families.  Love, love, love this season.

BUT – – – all this happy, happy – joy, joy – doesn’t just happen.   It takes planning and a commitment to being flexible.  So let’s make a pack – we’ll all take the setting off perfection – plan what needs to be planned and remain flexible for unexpected changes that will surely happen.

And stay tuned for more time-saving tips to get us all through this Season with joy!

Happy Holiday Season to all!


Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

One thought on “Happy November!

  1. Here, here! A great reminder about what is good about this season, absent the self-imposed stress! Well done, Amy…

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