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25 Tips for Christmas – #22 – Travel Checklist

Tip #22 – Create a Travel Checklist

Are you heading out-of-town this Holiday Season?  Did you remember everything?  For me – I always seem to forget my cell phone charger.

For this trip and future trips – I suggest creating a Travel Checklist.  This list includes all the obvious things you need to pack  like – camera, passports, copies of credit cards, socks.  But don’t forget to include other things to do before you head out.  Things like:

  • Stopping the mail and/or newspapers
  • Confirming with a pet/house sitter
  • Setting the lights on timers
  • The baby’s “wooby”

Keep this list handy anytime you are heading out on travels and it will make the last-minute scrambles – less scrambled.

I hope your Holiday travels are safe and easy.




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Happy November!

There is something about November 1st that is always very energizing for me.  Something about Halloween being over marking the official start to the Holiday Season.

I mean – Starbucks jumps on November1st – they started using their infamous Red Cups today.  

Soon our local soft-rock radio station will start playing 24/7  Holiday music.  I love it!

I love the Holiday Season in general.  I like the craziness, I could do without the traffic.  I like how everyone seems a little nicer, the cold air feels crisp and refreshing, the shorter days make the twinkle lights even brighter.

I love visiting with friends, Holiday newsletters and Christmas cards with family photos, sharing our story with friends and families.  Love, love, love this season.

BUT – – – all this happy, happy – joy, joy – doesn’t just happen.   It takes planning and a commitment to being flexible.  So let’s make a pack – we’ll all take the setting off perfection – plan what needs to be planned and remain flexible for unexpected changes that will surely happen.

And stay tuned for more time-saving tips to get us all through this Season with joy!

Happy Holiday Season to all!