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Back to School Calendar Tip

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WOW – It is back to school all over my Facebook status updates this morning.  It seems strange to me, as my kids don’t go back for another couple of weeks.

I just got through inputting all the important school days to note in my personal calendar.  Here’s what I do:

  • I create a reoccurring event for each school day.  For many online calendars, you can create a daily, weekly or monthly event.  I prefer to show each day that my kids are in school so I can visually see when they are actually in school.   Because my sons are at different levels, they have different times and dates – I like to create a separate event on each day for each boy and color code them.
  • I then go back and adjust for early release days and delete all the non-school days, Christmas and Spring breaks.  Again, I like to be able to visually see nothing on a specific day.

I personally find it easier to plan any appointments and meetings while looking at where the kids are scheduled to be.  This takes a lot of the thinking out of things while I am planning.

You might prefer to do it the other way around – where you keep all the regular school days blank and make a note of the special ones and non-school days.

The important thing to remember is – put something in your calendar.  Do it now – while back to school stuff is fresh in your mind and things aren’t too hectic yet.  It is a year’s worth of dates to note, yet only takes a few minutes to do.

Best of luck to everyone who started school last week, today or within the next couple weeks.  Hope this year brings lots of success.


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One thought on “Back to School Calendar Tip

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