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Happy October!

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WOW!  It is October 12th.  How did that happen?  One minute I was writing on back to school, then POW – almost two months have gone by.



I have to admit, Back to School caught me off guard.  Many people know that in addition to writing this blog, I also do some contract work for a local animal rescue non-profit.  This year, I was the chairperson for their annual dinner/auction.  That was scheduled for Sept 10th.   Lesson learned – being in charge of a major fundraiser like this – the same week as school goes back into session…..too much going on at once.


But in addition to the auction and getting back into the routine of  back to school stuff, I’ve been working on a few other projects.  Some are personal, some are for this blog, some are just getting organized in general.  Take a look:


  • Cleaned and organized my freezers.  A few weeks ago, we received our annual 1/4 steer from Oregon.  This is grass-fed beef, super yummy, super lean.  But – it takes up a lot of room.  With this arrival, I cleaned, organized and inventoried all the food in my freezers.  Now, I have a list of items to pick from – easier dinner planing in the works.


  • TJ’s Jobs  List – right after school started, I got myself and my seven-year old – TJ on a schedule.  Instead of  yelling at him all day long to do this and do that, now he has a chore chart that he maintains.  He highlights each job as it is completed, and I highlight the PAID section when I give him his allowance each week.    (Click on the link to see what TJ’s responsible for these days.)
  • What’s for Dinner – my first mini-book.  In this quick reading, tip-filled book, you’ll learn some new techniques for making the daily dinner time less stressful for everyone.  Check it out!   Soon this will be available as a Kindle and Nook version – but for the remaining of this month – I am offering this mini-book (PDF version) FREE of charge to anyone who emails me a request.  amy@amymunns.com
Please check it out – I’d love to hear your thoughts.
And with all that – I’m back – stay tuned for more time-saving tips.  We’re getting into a busy time of the year with shorter days and the holidays approaching.  I’ve got lots of good points to help get us all through it.
Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

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Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

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