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Laundry Tips – Part 6 – Baskets

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I love baskets, laundry baskets to be exact.  I use them for everything, not just clean and dirty laundry.  But for this series, we are focusing on reducing the time it takes to start and finish the recurring chore that is laundry.

I think there are two distinct steps when it comes to laundry; the actual job of doing laundry and the next step of putting it all away.  Think back to your last laundry day, did you put the clean clothes away after everything was washed, dried and folded?  Or did you pull clean clothes out of the piles and get dressed in front of the living room couch?

The idea of putting clean clothes back into drawers and closets is about closure.  A friend of mine wrote on her Facebook status the other day about the fact that she feels a sense of accomplishment whenever she finishes paying her bills every month.  Starting and finishing laundry – all the way to returning clean clothes to their homes – will give you that same sense of accomplishment.  Imagine piles of laundry not staring at you day after day, waiting and calling for you to be put away.

Here is where baskets come into play.  Tip #6 – Everyone gets their own basket!

By assigning everyone their own basket, dirty laundry comes down in one trip, folded laundry goes neatly into each one and the task of putting everything away is simplified by humping each basket to its respective room.  When kids get old enough, they can carry their own baskets and put their own clothes away.

Today’s baskets are fancy.  They come with comfortable grips, are ergonomically shaped and are light weight.  They also come in a variety of sizes and colors so keeping baskets separate from each other is very simple.

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