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Holiday planning idea #1 – it’s not too early

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Tomorrow will be three months until Christmas.  And it is never too early to start planning.  So I thought I would offer some time and money-saving tips in the next few weeks to help offset the stress that comes with the Holiday Season.

Tip #1 – Tipping Money

Do you give Holiday tips to service providers like the mail delivery person, garbage and recycle collector, hairdresser, pet sitter, babysitter, etc?  Do you give them a gift card or just cash?  Either way  – go ahead and stash that away – today.  Next time you get cash back or are at the ATM or when you are at Starbucks,  go ahead and get extra or purchase the gift cards.  When you get home – put everything in an envelope and label it with the person for which it is intended and the amount.  Don’t “borrow” from this over the next couple months.  Cash and gift cards won’t go bad from now until the time you are ready to give them out.  This is a small step that will eliminate some stress of having to reach for even more cash out right around the Holidays.

Hope you have a great day.


PS – if you find my tips helpful, please share with your friends.



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