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Calendar Question – Answered

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Good Monday Morning!

A couple of weeks ago I asked the question – “what sort of calendar system do you use?”  I found the answers I received very interesting.  After a rough estimate, I would say that it is split around 70/30.  70% some sort of online/computer generated calendar and 30% pen and paper.

There were some good arguments as to which was the preferred method.  Many people like an online calendar or a computer software calendar because of a few main points:

  • Their spouse or kids could login and see the calendar from any computer that had web access.
  • Invitations can be linked from online sources such as evite.com.  One husband and wife “invite” each other to meetings, social events and kids’ events.
  • The ability to sync with their phones.
  • Electronic reminders chime and text messages come in to notify the person when an appointment is coming up.

But the old school method isn’t dead yet.  Many of the reasons this is still the preferred method came down to plain ‘ole reliability.  If the internet is down or your phone goes dead, a piece of paper will still work just fine.

No matter which your preferred method is – it is only as good as the data that is in-putted.  If you want to make sure you and others don’t miss an appointment – be it online or on paper – the appointment needs to be put on the calendar.

Hope you have a great day!




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