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Tips on Tuesday – Hours of Operation

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After the birth my of my second son, my body didn’t bounce back the way it did after the first one.  Sadly, I’ve had lasting changes that now that he is four years old, seems to be part of my life.  One of these changes has been in my fingernails.  I used to have really strong, hard nails that never broke and were naturally white-tipped.

But after the pregnancy with Number Two, my nails have become brittle and weak.  They break all the time and look like little stubs.

I finally gave in and quit hoping for them to return to their pre-son state.  For the last six months or so, I’ve been getting professional manicures and my nails are actually benefiting from it.  I’m learning to accept the time and money it takes to get these manicures and allow myself this one small luxury.

The little nail shop I go to is owned by a young couple from Thailand.  They have a nice little shop and over the months that I’ve been frequenting them, they have made some small improvements on the place.  I got to talking with the couple the last time I was there about their hours of operation.

They are open for business seven days a week, most days from 10am until 7pm.  Saturdays a little longer and Sundays are a little shorter.

I usually go in during a weekday morning or early afternoon, I never make an appointment and am always able to sit right down and start the manicure.  Many times I’ll be the only one there for the entire hour that my manicure takes, no one else stopping by, no phone calls coming in for appointments.

I get the impression that the owners are doing OK.  They have been in business for a long time and while I’ve been there when it is slow, I’ve also been there when it is busy.  They seem to have loyal customers who come back and offer repeat business.

I want so badly to talk with them about adjusting their hours to have either just one person there during the slow times or to close one day a week or even open later during those weekday mornings when hardly anyone comes in.  I’m sure they are afraid of missing out if they are not open for long lengths of time.  I get that.  But I also get that they have no life and I feel that since they’ve been around for so long, I’m sure their customers will adjust and stay loyal if they opt to reduce their hours a bit.

Yesterday I wrote about changing attitudes if you can’t change your situation.  Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to go through a major adjustment in the times when I operate too.  As I mentioned yesterday, my younger son has all but given up his afternoon naps.  So while I used to do the majority of my work while he was in preschool in the morning and while he was napping in the afternoon, it is impossible to keep those same hours with his new routine.  While I fought it for a while and/or let him watch a few hours of cartoons while I worked, it finally donned on me to make a change to my own hours of operation.

Today my schedule is to wake up early in the morning, really early – around 4:30am.  At that time, I work for a few hours until I need to switch gears and get the boys off to school.  I quit working around 8am.  Then I’m able to work again for a couple of hours during preschool.  The crazy thing about this new schedule – I’m amazed at how much I’m getting done.  Sure getting up that early is brutal, but having that large  chunk of uninterrupted time to concentrate and get things done is so fulfilling.  And my afternoons are clear to get the things accomplished I can do with my preschooler in tow.   My evenings are freed up and it has given the family much more time together, where dinners aren’t as rushed and hectic.

I invite you to take a look at your situation from a different perspective.  Can you change your hours of operation?  If you’re feeling really stuck – give me a call, I’d love to sit down and figure out a new routine to help you feel accomplished.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!



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