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Tips on Tuesday – what to do when you call in sick, but you’re not sick

So – I’m not talking about the “playing hookie” kind of calling in sick.  What I mean is – how do you handle those times when you have to stay home because your little one is sick?

I think we’ve all been there – Junior gets sick with a fever and needs to stay home from school.  It also has to happen on a day when you have tons of work to do, meetings to attend or a training to give.  Or maybe you were going to clean the pantry and do the laundry.  Whatever the case, today is not a good day to be sick!

And you know the feeling – the guilt of being torn between two obligations -1. that of your sick child and 2. your other obligations.  It is enough to cause a nervous tic.

Well – as we are approaching sick season, I thought I’d offer a few idea on how to handle this very situation.

  • Take a deep breath and relax.  Treat this is surprise day off.  Sort of like a snow day.  And as long as no one is vomiting (your child or you), then sit back, pop in a few movies and be there for your baby.  They will only want us for a little while, so even though it isn’t ideal – treasure these moments.
  • Share the load.  Ask your partner to take a half day so you can split the nursing duty.
  • Make a to-do list of all the things you were planning on doing today.  If there is something to hand off, call your co-workers or your assistant and ask for help.  Your list will help you see visually what is dire and what can wait.
  • Call in reinforcements.  Do you have a grandma or a trusted neighbor or friend who might be able to fill in for a little bit.  As long as your little one isn’t contagious, call in for help, you’ll need a break.
  • Can you do a little work during a nap?  Even if you are just signing on to keep up with emails, a little bit of work will help you relax.
  • Skype or conference call into a meeting.  There is nothing wrong with popping in a movie for a tiny bit so you don’t have to miss important details that are happening while you are out.
  • Go into the office after hours.  If there are somethings that absolutely need your attention,  are you able to go into the office in the evening and take care of it then?

And don’t forget to take care of yourself.  There is nothing worse than having a once sick kid – not sick anymore, but you’ve caught what they got.  Drink extra fluids and get your rest too.

What do you do when you are home with a sick child?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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Tips on Tuesdays – Remembering why you are….

Do you ever get caught in what I call “Treading-along mode?”  Basically, you are just treading through jobs and events and actions to get to the next job, event or action and you don’t really know why or what you are doing it all for.

  • You show up to meetings to get through what is presented, accept the new tasks you’ve been given, and head back to your desk to get started.
  • Or you wake up in the morning to get the kids out of bed, dressed, lunches made, off to school, and then wait for them to come home so you can do it all again but in reverse?

Do you ever need a little reminder of what motivates you?

I just proposed something to the little non-profit I work for – something new to start this year.

Start each meeting with a feel good story of why we are doing what we are doing.

But I got to thinking, this idea of reminding ourselves why we are doing something can be used for any situation to help redirect our focus and motivation.

  • Why are you getting up at 515 in the morning to exercise?
  • Why are you making your child’s lunch instead of letting her buy lunch at school?
  • Why did you go into business for yourself?
  • Why are you calling this client?
  • Why do you visit your parents?

What are your motivations?  Why are you doing what you are doing?

Happy Tuesday!