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The bedroom is for….

Ted Talks….

Last month I wrote about a TED talk that I watched recently.  It was about challenging yourself to do something for 30 Days.

Did you watch the video?  Did you try something for 30 days?

I did!  But what ended up being my challenge for the month of July wasn’t what I had planned.

Originally, I thought I’d do both a professional challenge and a personal one.  My first thought for the professional challenge – write a blog, every day for 30 days.  My personal challenge was to cut out sugar.

Eeeek!  I’m not sure which would be harder.

I decided to postpone my 30 days of blog writing to a time when it was better suited for writing.  For me, that would have to be anytime that is not summer!  Without listing or making excuses, my summer is already busy enough!  Plus, I admit, my blog should be more about content and not quantity.  I’m stockpiling some ideas.  Maybe I’ll do a series, I like series and haven’t done one in awhile.

Stay tuned for the 30 days of blogs.  It is coming soon.

Giving up sugar actually turned out to be OK.  I will confess, I didn’t give up sugar completely.  I did have a couple of desserts and a handful of chocolate chips here and there.  But I did manage to cut out a lot of sugar over the course of the month.

Somehow a fight with my husband…

I mentioned that my challenge ended up being not exactly what I had planned….somehow a fight with my husband at 2am gave us a couple’s challenge instead.

Here’s the scene:

I’ve suffered from insomnia for the last ten years.

My husband too has sleep issues but I like to reserve the right to say I “suffer” from insomnia –  where he just can’t sleep.

We have a TV in our bedroom.

My husband will turn on said TV on the nights he can’t sleep. His choice of viewing – usually something loud and violent.  On this particular night, he picked Full Metal Jacket.

The next day, after the fight night – I was scheduled to take my first of two full days of my motorcycle safety class.  I was nervous about it and considering I was going to be riding a motorcycle most of the day, I wanted to feel well-rested.

As you can imagine, being woken up by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman screaming and asking what is “your major mal-function”, well – I was less than pleased.

The rest of the story is imaginable – stressed,anxious, tired, big fight, sleeping on the couch, grumpy couple, etc., etc…..

When I returned home, T. had removed the TV from our room – claiming he never wanted to fight like that again, especially in the middle of the night.   I wasn’t pleased – I didn’t want the TV out of our room. I offered that we could work out a schedule of what times the TV could be on and when it needed to be off.   He suggested we treat this as our first challenge and “try it for 30 days.”  I agreed to try it  – reluctantly.

…and the TV has not returned…

So here we are – Aug 5th and it has been over 30 days…and the TV has not returned to our room.

It has been an adjustment, I’ll admit.  I miss watching my shows, snuggled up in bed.  I’m missing out on the local news that I normally had playing while I got dressed in the morning.

But more importantly, we’ve both slept better.

Bedrooms are for sleeping and sex…

My friend Sally says “bedrooms are for sleeping and sex.”   And I’ve read countless tips on how to sleep better and they always include no TV in the bedroom.  There are many reasons besides 2am fights that a TV shouldn’t be in our bedroom.

OK – so this 30 day challenge was that – a challenge.  It was hard giving up the TV.  We had to make adjustments to our normal routine.  But for this, our first challenge – I think it is going to stick.  The TV’s not coming back.

What would you do? 

If you did a 30 day challenge  – what would you do?




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Just 30 days…

Happy July 1st!

In addition to it being a brand new month  – it happens to be my husband birthday today.  I’m never sure if he reads my blog or not – but I’m covering my bases and saying “Happy Birthday, Honey!

So this Ted Talk popped up in my Facebook news feed a couple of weeks and I can’t get it out of my head. It is titled Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Try something new for 30 days

To be really honest, I’m surprised that I can’t get it out of my head because I don’t normally watch Ted Talks.   I want to do.  I really do – the takeaway from Ted Talks is always something valuable and useful.  But between you and me – they are usually too long.  Sure, they are on the average only around 20 minutes… but for me – that’s usually too long.

Luckily, this one is short – at only 3:27 minutes.  And I liked the title of it – so I gave it a watch.

And it resonated with me.

I hope you watch it – because I’m learning when Cutts says the line towards the end of “30 days are going to pass by whether you like it or not” – – it’s true.

I like 30 days for a challenge – – I can do anything for 30 days.


Happy Monday Everyone – And Happy Birthday Honey!