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Tip 10 – 28 Days of Reducing Distractions

Tip 10 – Stick to the list 

Sometimes in the middle of a conversation with my husband, I will veer off topic and totally start talking about some other random topic.  He will interrupt me and say “stay on target” in a robotic  tone  – usually it brings me back to my original point. In the same context, I’ve been fixated with cleaning out my deleted emails from my Outlook folders.  I have over 40K emails I need to delete.  My Outlook is running very slowly lately, it keeps getting bogged down and I know it has something to do with this massive amounts of emails that I need to delete.


Yesterday, I was preparing to write my blog for the day and somehow I got diverted to the deleting project.  Twenty-five minutes later I was still deleting (it is a very slow and tedious process).  The thing is – the deleting project wasn’t really what I should have been working on during that time.  I had set aside that time to write and I got distracted and ended up loosing valuable time. What I really need to do is carve out time to work on deleting; put that as a task on my to-do list and stop letting myself get distracted by tasks that aren’t on my list.




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25 Tips of Christmas – #14 – Resist the Urge to Meander

#14 – Resist the urge to meander

I am totally guilty of this one – just last night!

I’m not really a shopper.  I don’t really love going to the mall to just walk in and out of stores looking at stuff.

But last night I found myself doing just this.  I had to run to Staples and Kohls and at both places, I was so easily sidetracked, I found myself aimlessly walking the aisles, with no particular purpose.

But my tip for today (really yesterday, I am a day late – probably because I was out shopping), stay on target.  With it being the crazy,hectic time of year, now is not the time to meander through the aisles and “shop”.

Keep your list handy and have a plan of attack whenever you venture out.  This will keep you on budget; both spending and energy.

Happy #14.


PS – Get this – this is my 100 blog post!  Thanks for reading.