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My Take Thursday – Extreme Couponing

I’ve very intrigued by the recent craze in couponing.  My husband’s aunt posts almost daily on Facebook how much she saved and what a great deal she got in her last trip to the grocery or drug store.

I must not live in a good coupon area, because the coupons we seem to get – I don’t buy that stuff.  And, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a local store offering double or triple coupon days.  Hey Washington – what’s up?

I wish I could partake in the coupon frenzy – I’d love to save more money.

Do you coupon?  Is it appropriate to use coupon as a verb?

Have you seen this show on TLC that is dedicated to Extreme Couponing?  Apparently there is a whole faction of the population who goes to extremes when using coupons.  I believe they view it as a challenge to see how many items they can acquire with their coupons.  Then they create stockpiles in their homes with all their free stuff.  Check this out.


I posted a question on Facebook yesterday (did you see it, are you a fan of my Facebook page yet?) to everyone about their thoughts on this show.

I felt like Kristin had been in my head when I read her comment:  “While I understand the thrill of saving, I often just shake my head when I watch that show. I understand if it’s someone who is going to donate a lot of the items to a worthy cause, but for those that just “stockpile” to me it just seems like another form of hoarding. The one person who cleared the shelves of 47 mustards because she could…..really?”

I find it really interesting how we as a society, can be fascinated with the hoarding that is a result of couponing – but disgusted by someone who hoards cats.  I’m no psychologist – but it does seem very similar to me.  Collecting and collecting, not being able to stop and not being able to let go of anything in their stockpile either.  To me  – the only real difference is that the coupon people are just cleaner.  I guess I would ask them – when do you plan on eating all that Ranch salad dressing?  Do they eat any of their stockpiles or do they just keep adding to it?

I’m not trying to insult anyone’s lifestyles  – and Sara’s comment said it nicely –  “firstly all shows with the word “extreme” needs to be banned from TV”.  

Right on Sara, I’d say anything in extreme whether it is on TV or in real life – shouldn’t be.  What’s that saying – everything in moderation?

On the contrary, I jealous of this lady in the video below.  She claims she gets fresh produce and organics at reduced prices with coupons.  Again – I tend to agree with Sara’s second point in that most of the items in our circulars are for processed foods or junk foods.  I tend not to buy too much of that stuff ( I try at least).  “Second, I think many of the products stockpiled/couponed aren’t particularly good for you. Lots of sugar, lots of preservatives, lots of sodium…. Don’t get me wrong, I love Doritos as much as the next person, but having 15 bags in your garage beside the 18 cans of Hormel chili….????”


I have a friend who has a genuine stockpile.  She is preparing for a disaster of some sort – be it man-made or natural.  She’s prepared.  But she is rotating through her items and keeping her pile to a realistic quantity.  And she’s storing items that can be eaten or used  – like canned soup and vegetables and soaps.   The stockpiles of condiments and deodorants – – what sort of disaster are they planning for?

What do you think?   Extreme Crazy – or Extreme Smart?

Happy Thursday Everyone!







Tips on Tuesdays…Speed Shopping

While we’ve probably all heard of speed dating and maybe some of us have even experienced it, Speed Shopping is not quite the same.

Basically – Speed Shopping is shopping done with speed and purpose.  Well, maybe it is more like speed dating than I realize.

The keys to speed shopping are to get in and get out of the grocery store quickly, without spending any more time or money than necessary.  There are some key components to speed shopping:




  • Make a list – – whether you have a standard list of items that you check off as your run out or if you shop from a weekly menu – make a list of all the items you will need from this one shopping trip.
  • Arrange the items on your list in the order of the store.  Most likely, you shop at one or two regular places, so you are familiar with the store layout.
  • Shop at one or two regular stores so you become accustomed to the store lay out.
  • Time yourself on the first run through.  This will be your “control”.  Challenge yourself to cut a set number of minutes from each future grocery store visit.
  • NO SHOPPING!  And by this I mean, there is to be no dilly-dallying through the aisles, looking at new products.  Save those excursions when you aren’t “speed shopping”
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes or don’t wear make up.  When you are uncomfortable or self-conscience about your appearance , you’ll be apt to get in and get out.
  • Organize coupons in order of your list.  Place a *** next to items on your list that have coupons and then when you are waiting in line, find said coupons.
  • Take the kids.  Nothing says get me out of here more than kids in the grocery cart. (I have kids, so I can speak freely on this topic.)

Speed Shopping is for regular and routine trips to the grocery store.   Give yourself more time every once in a while to explore the store for new items.

Today’s question – do you say “in line” or “on line”?  Also include what part of the country you reside.  I never heard “on line” until I met a friend from New York….being from Texas, we always say “in line’.

Happy Tuesday!