Minute by minute

my thoughts on making the most out of all of life's minutes…


Margaret’s Tale

Margaret was a new widow.  Her husband of over 50 years had died and for the first time in Margaret’s life, she was alone.

Alone in the house, alone for breakfast, alone for her afternoon walks, alone….

Margaret did have her dog.

And over time, she and her dog created a new life.  They were together always.

Margaret felt safe and secure with her dog around her.  She didn’t feel alone anymore.

One thing still plagued Margaret….the nights.  Going to bed in a dark room, all alone…sometimes Maragaret felt scared.

To help combat her fear, Margaret would reach down from her bed and pet her dog, he would give her hand lick.  This would make Margaret feel better and she would be able to sleep.

One night, Margaret was in bed, almost asleep and she heard a startling sound.   Too scared to get up and investigate, she reached down and found comfort in her dog’s presence and by the lick on her hand.

The next morning……

There was a note on the floor, beside the bed….

it read:

“People can lick hands too….”

And when Margaret got up, she found her dog had been hanged in her in closet.


And this, my friends….is why I keep my hands and legs inside my bed at all times.

Happy Halloween!!!