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25 Tips of Christmas – #15 – Double Check

Tip #15 – Double Check 


I think there is a reason why Santa checks his list twice.  To make sure he didn’t forget anything.

So, here we are – 10 days until Christmas – how ya doing?

Today would be a good day to take a deep breath and check in to see how things are going.  Revisit your list.  How’s it looking?  Does it need to be adjusted or do you need a refresher on what is on there.

Happy Thursday!





25 Tips for Christmas – #1 – The List

Happy December!

WOW – the Holiday Season is in full swing these days; lights are twinkling, Holiday music is playing non-stop, traffic is bustling.   Lots to do during this time of year and here’s my first tip to help get you through it.

Tip #1 – Create THE LIST.  

Creating a master list let’s you get all the things that are swirling around in your head that need to be done and remembered – out of your head.  This will help reduce stress and anxiety over all that needs to be done.

In addition, a master list will help keep you organized and will eliminate the need to “run back out” time after time.

Here are some suggestions to put on THE LIST:

  • Gift ideas for each person you buy a gift; include everyone – babysitters, pet sitters, mail person, bus drivers, etc.
  • Supplies needed; inventory your decorations and your supplies such as wrapping paper, scotch tape, packing boxes and tape.  What’s missing?  Put it on the list.
  • Food needed; are you hosting or attending a special party or event?  Plan out your menu now and add your items to the list.  Anything that is not fresh can be purchased early.
  • Other stuff; don’t forget things like Holiday cards, postage stamps, extension chords, extra bulbs.  Take an in-depth inventory of all of your plans to do during the next 25 days and organize your needs.

Next step – make a copy of your list and check things off as you go along.

Most importantly – take this list with you everywhere!  This way, you aren’t left wondering “what was that thing I needed”.

A friend of mine takes a picture of her list with her camera phone incase she forgets The List – she’ll at least have some version of it with her.

A question for you:

What’s on your list?  What other things should be put on a list that I neglected to mention?

Happy Non-Stressed Holidays!