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Tips on Tuesday…it’s not too early

OK – before you say – “bite your tongue, Amy…you better not be offering a Holiday tip.”  let me explain.

Looking at the calendar and counting the days – we only have nine weeks and 62 days until Christmas.  Next week is Halloween, then the election, then Thanksgiving.  Before you know it – Christmas will be here.

While I have many tips to offer about saving time over the Christmas rush this is one you can do now and it will save you time and help with your gift giving budget

Actually it is two tips rolled into one:

  1. Buy your stamps now.  Either at your local post office or online, Holiday stamps are already available.  The secret is to NOT use these stamps for mail from now until Christmas.   Buy extra, but definitely save these for your Holiday cards and newsletters. 
  2. Set aside tips.  Do you give delivery people, your post delivery person, garbage collector, newspaper guy, babysitter, hairdresser, milk man…Holiday tips?  Go ahead and set that money aside in an envelope today and forget about it until gift giving time.  Cash isn’t going to spoil or expire, so setting it aside now will only save you and help your budget as you get closer to the big day.

Look what I found – a Christmas countdown clock.  Use it to encourage good behavior from your kids or use it to keep you on track.

What Holiday tips do you have that will we can do now to help us save time and money?  Please share them so we can all benefit!

Happy Tuesday!



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25 Tips of Christmas – #2 – Keep a Calendar

Tip #2 in the 25 Tips of Christmas – – The Calendar.

The Holiday Season’s calendar is like no other.  For this season, I suggest you create a separate one for just this month’s things to do.  I would also suggest you write down everything worth noting on this calendar.

Things to put on The Calendar:

  • Parties, events, socials, open houses – whether or not you’re hosting them or you’re attending them
  • Special celebrations – ballet performances of the Nutcracker, special choir concerts in the park, Santa coming by you’re house on the fire truck – write all these down.
  • Note dates when kids are out of school and when they go back.
  • Note travel dates or when relatives arrive at your house.
  • Create a deadline for yourself – when you will be sending out your holiday cards, when you’d like to have all packages shipped, etc
  • Special memories – don’t forget to schedule time to do fun stuff too – ice skating in the park, pictures with Santa, horse and sleigh ride through the woods, lighted boats on the river.

One final thought – don’t feel pressure to  fill up the calendar.  If you work on organizing your calendar  today, you could be looking at 24 more days until the big day – – but – remember – it is OK to have some white space on the calendar.  With all the extra running around and extra activities – some white space will be most appreciated and deserved.

Today’s question:

Do you have one tradition that you do every single year and would never dream of missing it?  My family and I commit to try something different and special each year, just the four of us.  Last year we took a Santa train ride around Mt. Rainier here in Washington State, the year before that we walked around Seattle and road in a horse in buggy.  We haven’t come up with this year’s adventure – I’ll let you know when we do.

Happy Friday!


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