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Tip # 28 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 28 – Be kind…whenever possible.  It is always possible. 

Be kind whenever possible It is always possible

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 28 Day Series.  Next month?  Think Spring Cleaning!!!


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Tip # 27 – -28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 27 – Volunteer your time and experience


A local Girls on the Run chapter has been formed in my area.  I so want to be involved with this group because it is all about empowering young girls and building confidence.  Alas – my time needs to be dedicated to my sons right now.  But – I am able to offer my services and experience by helping with their bookkeeping needs.  I’m excited to still be a part of the group and offer my support in the capacity that I am able.


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Tip # 26 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 26 – Be old-fashioned


Maybe we should go back to the old days – – opening doors for others, helping people carry heavy loads, offering a seat to someone on the bus…..



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Tip # 25 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 25 – Invite someone who might been feeling alone over for dinner


I remember when my husband was in the US Navy and would be gone for months on deployment, I hated eating dinner by myself.  I simply loved it when someone would invite me and later my kids to join them for dinner.


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#24 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 24 – Send a postcard or Holiday card to the troops


They are protecting us and serving our country – they should be remembered and remembered often.  Why not drop them a line from time to time?

The Red Cross sponsors this program – Holiday Mail  for Heroes.