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OK – Now I’ve got four….

I’ve written about my pet peeves in the past.  In fact, back in January of 2012, I shared my three pet peeves with you.

And you know how I wrote the other day about trying to make changes – and that is is still a work in progress?  Well – I’m failing on this one.

I’ve discovered a new pet peeve today – something that annoys me enough to be elevated to the pet peeve status and not just an annoyance.  I’m really trying hard to not even notice it, that’s the “rolling with it” part.


Before I share with you what this new irritant is, I looked up Pet Peeve on urbandictionary.com – it says:

Pet Peevean irritating experience caused by others in which you cannon control. 

Yup – that’s what I got!

So here you go – – my fourth!

pet peeve














See that in RED – – -well..


What do I have wrong – the user ID or the password?.  Or is it both?  Because the way you state it – it seems like it is one or the other….

Tell me – what’s your pet peeves?

Happy Thursday!




Thursdays Take – My three pet peeves

I really only have three pet peeves that are true things that annoy me. This doesn’t mean that things don’t annoy me – but these three things annoy me every-single-time.

1. When you come upon a set of double doors and one of them is locked.  I ALWAYS will pick the locked one first.






2. Posters and signs that are outdated.  Please take them down.  It makes your business look bad if you have old and out of date posters hanging on your windows.






3. Unprofessional looking professional signs – unless you have Home Depot style writing – please use a computer and printer to make signs for your business or have them professionally printed.








What are your pet peeves?  I’d love to hear them! Happy Thursday! ~amy