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25 Tips of Christmas – #17 – Juggling the Holidays

Tip #17 – Juggling the Holidays

Doesn’t it seem like there is so much extra to do during the Holidays?  Well – it doesn’t SEEM that way – it IS that way.

Parties, dinners, shopping, cookies, scavenger hunts, Elves on Shelves, Santa Trains, horse and buggy rides, more parties, carousel  rides, the list goes on and on.

Here’s my thought for today – you don’t have to do it all.  

Moreover, you don’t have to do it all this year.  Pick a few things to do this year and save the other stuff to do at a non-holiday time or for next year.

Keep sane this Holiday Season.  It’s OK to say no.  It’s OK to not make your cookies from scratch.  It’s OK to not do EVERYTHING.

Happy Saturday.




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25 Tips of Christmas – #16 Entertaining

#16 Entertaining Tips

Here are a few of my favorite entertaining time-saving tips.

Start with a clean dishwasher and load it as the night goes on.

Serve a meal versus lots of little poo poos’  It actually takes more time to make and assemble five to seven different little appetizer type snacks – so instead offer one large dish.

Use the shower for a quick place to hide things that are clunky or an eye sore – dog beds, those big exercise balls that take up half the room, small children, etc.  (OK – kidding about the small children part.)

Hope you throw an amazing party this Holiday season.

Happy Friday!


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25 Tips of Christmas – #15 – Double Check

Tip #15 – Double Check 


I think there is a reason why Santa checks his list twice.  To make sure he didn’t forget anything.

So, here we are – 10 days until Christmas – how ya doing?

Today would be a good day to take a deep breath and check in to see how things are going.  Revisit your list.  How’s it looking?  Does it need to be adjusted or do you need a refresher on what is on there.

Happy Thursday!



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25 Tips of Christmas – #14 – Resist the Urge to Meander

#14 – Resist the urge to meander

I am totally guilty of this one – just last night!

I’m not really a shopper.  I don’t really love going to the mall to just walk in and out of stores looking at stuff.

But last night I found myself doing just this.  I had to run to Staples and Kohls and at both places, I was so easily sidetracked, I found myself aimlessly walking the aisles, with no particular purpose.

But my tip for today (really yesterday, I am a day late – probably because I was out shopping), stay on target.  With it being the crazy,hectic time of year, now is not the time to meander through the aisles and “shop”.

Keep your list handy and have a plan of attack whenever you venture out.  This will keep you on budget; both spending and energy.

Happy #14.


PS – Get this – this is my 100 blog post!  Thanks for reading.

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25 Tips of Christmas – #12 – One Stop Shipping

Tip #12 – One Stop Shipping 




This year, instead of sending individual packages to each household – consider shipping to one location.  Here’s what I’m thinking; I live in the Pacific NW – but all our extended families live in either Texas or North Carolina.   I know that my families back “home” will be getting together at some point over the Holidays – so I only ship to one place (usually my parents’ home) and ask for help in passing around all our gifts.

By shipping to just location – you will cut down on cost and packaging.  Ultimately you’ll save times and energy, because,  instead of packaging a whole bunch of little packages  – all you do is one larger one.  So it’s a green tip as well as a money and time-saving one.

Happy Monday to you all!


Today’s question – where is the furthest place you ship gifts? 

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25 Tips of Christmas – #11 – Enjoy the Season!

Tip #11 – Enjoy the Season

Sometimes we get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the season and forget to enjoy it.  So here are some thoughts for today.











Hope you have a wonderful day!


Coming in 2012 –  if you like thought provoking and inspirational quotes like I do – you’ll want to sign up for my daily quote email.  More details coming soon.


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25 Tips for Christmas – #10 – Be an early bird

Tip #10 – Be an Early Bird


I’m writing this blog a day early in hopes that you will read it and follow this suggestion.


Seriously – I know it is hard and tomorrow is Saturday and all you want to do is sleep in and relax for a little bit.  But – so does everyone else.  And wouldn’t it be great if you got out of the house first thing in the morning, while you are fresh and rested, while all the store clerks are fresh and rested and while everyone else is at home – not out and about.

Starting early has so many benefits – less traffic, fewer people to navigate around, more energy, less stress.

So, go to bed early and get up early and do all your running around early!

Then go home and take a nap.

It’s worth it!


PS – the other day I mentioned that I’d share my business cards with you to hand out to people standing in line at the post office and share with them the joys of click-n-ship.  Let’s keep the getting out early idea between us – if everyone gets up and out early – it sort of defeats the purpose.