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25 Tips for Christmas – #25 – Have a Merry Christmas

Tip # 25  – Have a Merry Christmas

From my family to yours – I hope your day is joyous and Merry.




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25 Tips of Christmas – #23 – Creative uses for old things

#23 – Getting Creative 

I love Real Simple Magazine.  I read it from cover to cover each month.  So I thought I would share some tips they are offering as part of their New Uses for Christmas Things.   You can see the entire list here –  http://www.realsimple.com/new-uses-for-old-things/new-uses-christmas/diy-gift-wrap-00100000072888/index.html?xid=weeklynews-12-21-2011

Here are a couple of my favorites:

#6 – Stretchy Bracelets as Wine Charms

#9 – Paper Clips as Wrapping Paper Holder

#12 – Luggage Tag as Gift Label

#22 – Book as Misleading Gift Box

#23 – Cookie Cutters as Ornaments

#32 – Oranges as Mini Snowman

#42 – Scarf as Christmas Tree Skirt

Question of the day – what fun and different things do you use old things for the Holidays?


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25 Tips for Christmas – #22 – Travel Checklist

Tip #22 – Create a Travel Checklist

Are you heading out-of-town this Holiday Season?  Did you remember everything?  For me – I always seem to forget my cell phone charger.

For this trip and future trips – I suggest creating a Travel Checklist.  This list includes all the obvious things you need to pack  like – camera, passports, copies of credit cards, socks.  But don’t forget to include other things to do before you head out.  Things like:

  • Stopping the mail and/or newspapers
  • Confirming with a pet/house sitter
  • Setting the lights on timers
  • The baby’s “wooby”

Keep this list handy anytime you are heading out on travels and it will make the last-minute scrambles – less scrambled.

I hope your Holiday travels are safe and easy.



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25 Tips of Christmas – #21 – Holiday Address Labels

Tip #21 – Making the Most out of  Holiday Address Labels.

As you work on your Holiday cards or newsletter, I suggest you do a mail merge from your address book to create labels.  Even if you don’t use the labels and prefer to hand address each card, you can still save the merged file and use it as a guide for next year.

Happy card writing!


PS – I’m a whiz at mail mergers, I do them all the time and for lots of different projects.  I’d be happy to offer a short tutorial on how to implement this wonderful time-saving method of merging addresses into letters or labels and more.  Just give me a call.

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25 Tips for Christmas – #19 – Who’s in your picture?

Tip #19 – Labeling your Holiday pictures

Whether your Holiday photo is formal or casual, with pets or just the kids, action shot or a vacation shot, with your guns or in pajamas, it is always nice to document the year, names and ages of kids in the photo.  But instead of hand writing out all this detail on each photo, print the information on labels and stick a label on each photo.


PS – Have you seen this site?  I can spend way too much time on clicking through all the pictures – always good for a LOL moment.  http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/