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Tip #9- 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip # 9 – Do a little every night. 

Check this out what HGTV calls "bumble bee cleaning"

Check this out what HGTV calls “bumble bee cleaning”

My husband is actual better at this than I am.  Or should I call it – more disciplined than I am.   And the fact that he is gone away on travel for the next couple of weeks, means the clutter in the house could very well build up.  Eek!

Here’s the plan.  Do a little bit of picking up every day – just say fifteen minutes or so each day.  Put away all the toys, the dirty clothes, the dirty dishes, sort or discard the mail.  Put the throw pillows back on the couch and fold the blanket.  Pick up the cat’s food dish. Hang up the towel after your shower.  Hang up your coats and the dog leash.   A little bit every night helps keep the clutter from building over time.