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Not Me Monday…A year from now…

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this blog that I’ll share with you today, but I have come to really like the writer.  She is working on a major weight loss goal for herself and trying to find answers to the plaguing questions of her life and her weight issues.  She is very genuine and her struggles are real and her triumphs should be celebrated.

I don’t really want my Not Me Monday to be about just blog sharing to promote other bloggers.  Not Me Monday is geared at featuring a different voice to share with you.  Today’s blogger talks about setting a goal and sometimes in the beginning, it is really hard to stick with it.  But if you do stick with it, within time you’ll see results and this will help continue to motivate you.

If you’re struggling to stay motivated on a challenge or a goal you’ve set for yourself, take a look at this post today – I think it will give you a little boost to “just keep swimming.”

Here you go – here’s the link:

Hot Mess Princess – – Pushing 40

Happy Monday!  Happy Week!


PS – it is funny that she quotes Eleanor Roosevelt in her blog.  If you’d like a daily inspirational quote, subscribe to A Minute…A Thought.  This month we’re featuring Eleanor Roosevelt.


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Not Me Week – Checking Emails

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s guest blogger offers two email checking tips.  If you agree that email has become one of the biggest distractions in today’s world…you’ll want to read on….

#1  – Check email three times a day…..

#2 – Turn off email notifications….

Great tips!  Hope you enjoy.


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Not Me Week – Brain Dump

HI Everyone!

I’m on vacation this week – but I didn’t want to but the blog on vacation.  This week I have some guest bloggers that will offer some valuable tips.

First up: Monique Y. Wells

Her article on Brain Dump is fabulous.  I too  – do this technique every few weeks.  It really helps.  Don’t limit yourself to professional things – use this technique for  vacation ideas, kids’ projects, home DIY’s, etc.

My favorite quote from Monique – “I don’t know about you, but my brain is an idea factory on overdrive!”  

Me too, Monique, me too….

Happy Monday!