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Tip #11 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip # 11 – Pick it up for them. 


Around Thanksgiving time, I mentioned to my neighbor that I had forgotten to get bananas for a dessert I needed for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Here it was Tuesday already and I remember telling her – all the bananas in the store were under ripe and I needed ripe bananas for my dessert.  I had been to three stores looking for them.  I was a little stressed because I was running out of time and I didn’t really want to go to yet another store, fighting traffic and the crowds.

She told me she had to run to the grocery store and then she offered to pick some up for me!  What a life saver!  She was already going out, and we live just a few houses away from each other.  I paid her when she dropped the bananas off.  Totally Random and Totally Kind!


PS – sorry for all the tips today – I fell a little behind on Sunday and Monday – but now I’m all caught up!




Tips on Tuesdays…Speed Shopping

While we’ve probably all heard of speed dating and maybe some of us have even experienced it, Speed Shopping is not quite the same.

Basically – Speed Shopping is shopping done with speed and purpose.  Well, maybe it is more like speed dating than I realize.

The keys to speed shopping are to get in and get out of the grocery store quickly, without spending any more time or money than necessary.  There are some key components to speed shopping:




  • Make a list – – whether you have a standard list of items that you check off as your run out or if you shop from a weekly menu – make a list of all the items you will need from this one shopping trip.
  • Arrange the items on your list in the order of the store.  Most likely, you shop at one or two regular places, so you are familiar with the store layout.
  • Shop at one or two regular stores so you become accustomed to the store lay out.
  • Time yourself on the first run through.  This will be your “control”.  Challenge yourself to cut a set number of minutes from each future grocery store visit.
  • NO SHOPPING!  And by this I mean, there is to be no dilly-dallying through the aisles, looking at new products.  Save those excursions when you aren’t “speed shopping”
  • Wear uncomfortable shoes or don’t wear make up.  When you are uncomfortable or self-conscience about your appearance , you’ll be apt to get in and get out.
  • Organize coupons in order of your list.  Place a *** next to items on your list that have coupons and then when you are waiting in line, find said coupons.
  • Take the kids.  Nothing says get me out of here more than kids in the grocery cart. (I have kids, so I can speak freely on this topic.)

Speed Shopping is for regular and routine trips to the grocery store.   Give yourself more time every once in a while to explore the store for new items.

Today’s question – do you say “in line” or “on line”?  Also include what part of the country you reside.  I never heard “on line” until I met a friend from New York….being from Texas, we always say “in line’.

Happy Tuesday!