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Tips on Tuesdays – – 25 ways to motivate your kids to clean up

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about The Five Dollar Vacation.    One of the comments I received from a reader named Katha told about how she uses quarters to motivate her kids to clean up.

The concept is really quite simple and I have to say…really quite brilliant.

If you are tired of nagging your kids to clean up their mess, sprinkle some quarters in with the mess…while they are cleaning up they collect the quarters and place them in a jar.  Once the jar is full, they get a treat of some sort…maybe an ice cream, a rented movie, etc.

I would suggest not saving the quarters to buy more toys…that seems like a new toy will only add to the cleaning up issue.   Instead, reward them with an experience.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this idea.  What other ways do you use to motivate your kids without nagging?

Hope your day is great!