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Welcome Back Friends!

Happy September!

HEELLLOOOO!  I’m back!  It’s been a great summer, very full of fun things happening.

I’m happy to be back in a firm routine and am happy the boys are more engaged in things besides running through the sprinklers and eating popsicles all day.

Before I jump right into my themed days (I’ll start that up again next week), I wanted to ask you a question.  I’d love to hear other’s views on this point that I’ve heard from about three friends over the last few weeks.

Talking with these three very different friends of mine, none of them know each other and in each situation, the discussion took an interesting turn which lead to the same sentiment:

“I don’t have enough time for the friends I have now, I don’t want to make any new friends.”

I wonder what your thoughts on this?

Do you agree?

Do you disagree?


I’ll share my thoughts tomorrow, but I’d love to hear yours today.

Happy Thursday everyone!



PS – it’s good to be back!

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25 Tips for Christmas – Tip #13 – Share the road with friends

Tip #13 – Share the road with friends

Have you ever heard that gas saving tip about running all your errands on the same day?  Well, along the same thought – why not ask a friend to pick up a needed item if they are headed in that direction or work or live on that side of town.  Likewise, offer the same back to your friends.

Here’s how it works:

Molly – “Hey Diane, would you be able to stop by that little toy store next to your office and pick up an item that I have on hold.  It’s already paid for and it is waiting behind the counter under my name.”

Diane – “You bet!  I’d love to help.”

Molly – “I’m heading to Costco on Friday, do you need me to pick up anything for you?

Diane – “YES!  Thanks for offering, my Friday is slammed full.  I really need some goat cheese and a bottle of olive oil.

Give it a try – I bet the outcome will be positive.

Happy Tuesday!