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Thursdays Takes – – Dive into the Shark Tank

Do you watch Shark Tank?

If you are in business for yourself – I highly recommend this show.  It airs on Friday nights on ABC.    As a small business owner, I have learned so much from this show.

If you like good entertainment and GOOD reality TV – I highly recommend this to you too.

The premise of the show – five “Sharks” who sit on a panel and watch presentations from business owners who are asking for an investment in their company.  If the sharks like the product or business ideas, they will offer the money the business owner is requesting for a stake in the company.

I think it is so wild to watch the Sharks go into a real life feeding frenzy when they see a company they want to invest in.  It is exciting to see them all literally chomping at the bit.

But in addition to the entertainment factor of the show, the Sharks are all very successful business people and although they might not always invest in a company – they do offer some great advice to the business owners.

A couple of things I don’t love about the show:

The overall emphasis on money.  Especially Kevin.  All he talks about is money and that is his driving factor. He will only invest in a company if he can make lots of money.  The other sharks will allow emotion to play a part in their decision to invest or not and if they like a person  – I think they put on a “mentor” hat and truly want to help the person get to success.  (Robert is my favorite, I think I have a bit of a crush on him….)

It also frustrates me that many of the business owners have tried to get into national chains (e.g. Sharper Image, Sam’s Club, etc.) but because they don’t have the connections, they are turned down.  Once they get a Shark behind them – all the doors open.  To me – that is a sad state that we live in today, people with money and connections can get in.  People without, don’t.

But let’s not end on such a negative note…..

Regardless of the outcome, being on The Shark Tank is a boost to any rising viable company.  Even if the Sharks don’t invest, the free publicity of their product on national TV is a sure way to find other investors or opportunities.

Check it out.  It’s on tomorrow night – then – let’s talk about it.

Happy Thursday Everyone!