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Tip #18 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #18 – Beware of free stuff


I belong to a few different “give-away” groups.  There is Freecycle on Yahoo Groups, the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook and I’m sure many others that might be indigenous to your community.  I love the community spirit of giving away goods that you no longer need and not wanting to fill up landfills.  I think there is a true sense of one person’s trash is another’s treasure.  I love it!

Just be careful.  I see on the groups to which I belong, many of the same people are responding and taking lots and lots of things.  Maybe they really need these items.  But maybe their home is a cluttered mess of junk.  Remember – clutter is time consuming.  It causes you to not be able to find things, it makes more to clean around and more to organize.  It clutters up the free space in your mind.

I always think to myself – do I really need that or would it just be nice to have.  Sometimes nice is great – but sometimes nice turns into too much.

Happy First Day of Spring!


PS – did you ever score a great find on a give-away group like these?  Or did you ever give away something that no longer fit in your needs but was prefect for someone else?  Please share your experience.

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Tip #4 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #4 – Ditch the goody bag


My friend posted on her Facebook feed this morning “Do I have to do goody bags for my son’s birthday party tomorrow.”  Guess what! There was not one yes in all of the replies.  No one likes goody bags.  Don’t do them!


PS – Happy Birthday!

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Not Me Monday – it’s about Google Me

Since yesterday was a Holiday, here is Not Me Monday – Tuesday Edition!  

Over the Christmas break, my insomnia was in full gear.  So much so, I was able to clear my DVR of all my recordings and I had to resort to my watch list on Amazon Prime. I had forgotten about a documentary that I had flagged.  The name of the film is Google Me.

What a charming little film this is.  It will really be worth if if you watch the trailer.  

So, today’s questions – have you ever Googled yourself?  (I love how Google is now a verb too.)

My guess would be, that you have, in fact, Googled yourself.  I admit it – I have.  I have searched both my married and maiden names. I’ve been curious to see what came up on me personally, but also to see who else was out there who might share my name.

In Google Me, that is exactly what filmmaker Jim Killeen did – he Googled himself and others, then set out to find and meet anyone who shared his name.

He set up parameters for his search and his film.  For starters it had to be the exact name – not Jimmy or James.  He goes by Jim.

The funny thing – he found many and actually met six other Jims. One was a retired police detective from New Jersey, one was a priest in Ireland, one was an executive in Australia.  I don’t want to give the whole film away – but, Oh – there was also a swinger in Colorado!

And after contacting them and them agreeing to meet and be on film, he flew out to meet each one in person.

And then he got them all together in Killeen, Texas to spend a few days together and meet each other. I can only imagine what they were thinking throughout the process. But now – they’ve met each other and have a connection that only they share.

It was a really sweet story and I was so happy for all of the Jims.  I would recommend you giving it a watch.

Do you think you would do the same thing?

If you found someone who shared your name, would you reach out to connect with them?  Would you go as far as to meet them?

I have a friend who did.  Her name is Gretchen and I was immediately reminded of her while I was watching this film.

I remember her mentioning it on a Facebook post once – so I asked her about her experience.

Here is what she said:

“I contacted her first, back in May of 2008. I think I was just goofing around and searched my name on Facebook, and there she was. Having a very unique name, I felt pretty confident that she would pay attention. I’m thinking I just “friend-requested” her, really. Then we sent a few messages back and forth.  As I mentioned before, Speerstra is her married name, and she has since divorced her Speerstra husband, so may move on to another last name at some point.

Back in those days of Facebook, we used to write statuses in third person (do you remember that?). Our name would be at the beginning, like the beginning of a sentence, and then you added the rest (i.e. .Gretchen Speerstra….is eating a plate of nachos!). We had fun commenting with stuff like, “I am?” And then our friends would be amazed there were two of us. I received several friend requests from people who were clearly trying to friend request her. It was kind of funny, because sometimes we’d get all mixed up reading each other ‘s statuses, at first thinking they were our own. We even accidentally tagged each other in our own photos.

She has since added her maiden name along with Speerstra, so it’s easier to tell the difference. Now we mostly just send birthday greetings to each other. Our birthdays are only two days apart (different years), which makes it even more fun.

We’ve never met, but I always think there’s a chance because she’s originally from Montana, so gets up this direction (from Atlanta) every once in a while.”

Super fun!

What’s your experience?  Please share it in the comments.  I’d love to hear about it.

And thanks for sharing your experience, Gretchen(s).

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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Tip 17 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip 17 – Send a happy sentiment 

Those who matter

I would suspect that many of us are “fans” of some sort of happy quote of the day on Facebook or via email.  How about forwarding it to a friend to share the thought?  Or better yet, send an eCard to someone just because.


PS – I love happy quotes!  Do you have any – share yours in the comments or send a link to a favorite page or website that you follow.   


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Tip #12 – 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

Tip #12 – Share what you know 


The guy on the left is say "Hey - did you know you should get your septic tank pumped every year for every member in your home?"  The other guy is say "WOW - I did not know that - thanks!"

The guy on the left is say “Hey – did you know you should get your septic tank pumped every year for every member in your home?” The other guy is say “WOW – I did not know that – thanks!”

Yesterday I got my septic tank pumped (umm, gross) and posted about it on Facebook (don’t ask my why?) .  But by doing so, I shared my new-found knowledge from the septic guy that one should have their tank pumped every year for every member of the household.  So for me – it should be done every four years.  All this time, I have been thinking it should be pumped about every seven years.  But by my sharing my new-found knowledge – three of my friends have scheduled a septic pumping this morning!  Amy – for the win!


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Tips 13,14 & 15 – 28 Days of Reducing Distractions

Tips 13, 14 & 15 can be lumped into one category – although taken separately, they are equally distracting.

Tip 13 – Don’t check Twitter, Facebook or YouTube – or any social media

Tip 14 – Don’t check your email

Tip 15 – Don’t check your voice mail.  


How many times have you been in your kitchen, trying to fix breakfast, fix lunches, yelling at the kids to get dressed and brush their teeth and pack their backpacks – – and your phone chimes.  Without hesitate, you drop everything  you are doing and check who liked your latest Facebook status?

And by you – I mean – me.

When you are that busy trying to get all of those things done – you know, really – – – Facebook and emails and voice mails – – they can wait. Focus on the tasks at hand and leave the phone updates until later, when you have time to focus on them.

And by you – – I mean – – me…

Happy Saturday, Everyone.


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#4 & 5 – 28 Days – Reducing Distractions

#4 and 5 – Turn off email and Facebook notifications.  

I’m lumping these together although they are two separate distractions.  But every time the little bell dings or the little notification box pops up in the corner of your screen – it is a distraction.  It pull you away from the thing you were working on and takes away your focus. 



So turn them off and let your creative juices flow smoothly without interruption.  Then when you have a break in your work, check your email and Facebook to see what you might have missed.


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