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Tip #22 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #22 – Download – don’t buy


I used the carrot of buying the movie Frozen for my boys this week if they were good and did all of their chores and homework without complaining.   And it worked!  We had a pretty successful week or minimal issues.  It was pretty pleasant all around.

And so I treated them to Frozen!

A few years ago, my husband bought a large external hard-drive and burned all of our DVD’s and CD’s to his computer.  Then we got rid of all the DVD’s and CD’s.  Now, we only download music and movies, we don’t purchase the actual DVD.  Does anyone buy CD’s anymore?

But this has been the best thing!  No more DVD jackets lying around, empty.  No more DVD’s lying around not in their covers.  No more finding a place to store and remember to put the DVD’s away.  No more contributing to the landfill by purchasing said DVD’s and CD’s.

One less thing to add clutter to my life – gone!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!


PS – hey, hey!  I caught up.  So now we need to start thinking about what our 28 Day series going to be next month?  Any ideas or suggestions?