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Word Up Wednesday – What’s your favorite internet acronym?

Do you use acronym’s?

I’m not talking about the ones you use for work like TPS Reports or NAVCOMSUBRON19 (my husband is retired Navy and we live with acronyms, this is a real one, I didn’t make it up).

I’m talking about the little ones that float around in texting and on Facebook?

TIL  – – “TIL” ….that is after I Googled it.

TIL – – Today I learned

The funny thing about acronyms and me is, I never remember to use them.

I think the only acronyms I use on a regular basis are



and I just started using:





I still like to keep the line separate and not use acronyms in my professional correspondence, even if the person I might be emailing is a close acquaintance.  For me, acronyms cross the line into super casual and I like to stick to using them on Facebook, Twitter or texting….that is – if I remember to use them.

What are you favorite acronyms?

TTYL!  My Dad uses this one all the time (and hey, I remembered it!)


PS – click on that picture and it will take you to a blog about 25 Internet Acronyms a Parent Should Know