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Tip #27 – It’s not me – it’s them

Tip #27 – It’s not me – it’s them – – 28 Days of Decluttering


Whew – it’s spring break out here and I’ve fallen behind with stuff.  Talk about distractions – I should have included in that series – “don’t plan anything when the kids are out of school for a week“.  Geez!  I can’t get ANYTHING done with them around.

But I digress – because I am determined to finish up the 28 Days of Decluttering series – so I can quickly jump into April’s series (it’s a good one – stay tuned to tomorrow to find out what it is).

Sonya wrote….

Sonya wrote on my Facebook page the other day – “I’m doing this thing that asks me to declutter my home as part of a bigger process. My own stuff is daunting enough, but here’s my problem: My wonderful husband has a case of the what-if-I-need-it-someday-itis. I assume kids are the same way.

I’ve been thinking about this and yeah, it’s a hard one.

Confession:  I used to over buy boxes of chicken stock and canned tomatoes.  Like – a lot.  At one time, I think I counted that I had over 22 boxes of chicken stock in my pantry.  Every time I went to Costco, I would buy another case.

What was I afraid of?  Running out of stock?  Because if I used up the last box today, would I not be able to go to the store tomorrow and buy some more – assuming I would be using chicken stock two days in a row?

And I live in a suburban area – Costco is literally less than six minutes away.  And there are two grocery stores closer than that.

I think when you get into the mindset of “what if we need this some day” and are trying to declutter – it is a snowball waiting to happen.  Unless it is emergency supplies…really – do we really need it?

Here’s is what I would suggest to help combat this concern:

  • Employ the 30 Day Method.  As a reminder – – this is where  you place said questionable items in a box for thirty days.  As you need the items, take them out, use them and put them away in their normal place.  At the end of thirty days, whatever is left in the box can be discarded or donated.
  • If the 30 day rule is too short – lengthen it to six months.  This should take away the concerns for seasonal items.
  • Create an “only one” rule.  Do you really need three step stools, four crock pots, six dustpans, eight bottles of hairspray.  Probably not.   And really, one of each of these items will be sufficient.

My situation is the opposite of Sonya’s.  My husband tends to get rid of things too quickly in my opinion.  What about you – do you battle with your housemates about clutter and what to keep and what to discard?




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Tip # 23 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #23 – Limit your cleaning supplies

This seems like too much!  I bet this person could reduce this stash to a third and still be able to clean their house respectfully.

This seems like too much! I bet this person could reduce this stash to a third and still be able to clean their house respectfully.

I think the 30 Day method would work great on the clean supply closet – don’t you?  When you think about it – how many cleaning supplies do you really need?

Here’s what I propose:

  • a good all purpose cleaner that can clean the bathrooms and kitchen
  • a toilet cleaner
  • a glass cleaner
  • a furniture cleaner
  • an air freshener
  • don’t forget a good supply (not over supply) of cleaning rags.  

What is your favorite cleaning supply?  Do you have one or many?  Share your thoughts below!



Tip #15 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Ahhhhh….I’ve fallen behind with the daily tips.  How is it the 18th already?

Tip #15 – The 30 Day Method

Ok - this is from my kitchen.  One of my drawers.  See that beater attachment, that's probably not going to make it 30 days.

Ok – this is from my kitchen. One of my drawers. See that mixer attachment, that’s probably not going to make it 30 days.

I heard about this on Oprah once, from her organizing guru Peter Walsh.  I’m not really sure of the name, so I am calling it the 30 Day Method.

How it works is – if you are having a hard time getting rid of things for fear of not having them when you need them – try this method.  Place all of the items in question (e.g. kitchen utensils, lotions, jewelry, etc.) and place it in a box.  As you need something, pull it out of the box and use it.  Then put it back in the normal place (e.g. kitchen drawer for utensils).  At the end of the 30 days, whatever is left in the box, ask yourself – do you really need these things?  If not – out they go!  

Want to join me?  Send me your pictures or tell me what you are subjecting to 30 days!

I’m inspiring myself with these decluttering tips this month.  Follow me at my Facebook page where I’ve shared my closet full of reverse hangers and see my clean junk drawer.  I’ll post updates on my kitchen utensils there too.