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OK – Now I’ve got four….

I’ve written about my pet peeves in the past.  In fact, back in January of 2012, I shared my three pet peeves with you.

And you know how I wrote the other day about trying to make changes – and that is is still a work in progress?  Well – I’m failing on this one.

I’ve discovered a new pet peeve today – something that annoys me enough to be elevated to the pet peeve status and not just an annoyance.  I’m really trying hard to not even notice it, that’s the “rolling with it” part.


Before I share with you what this new irritant is, I looked up Pet Peeve on urbandictionary.com – it says:

Pet Peevean irritating experience caused by others in which you cannon control. 

Yup – that’s what I got!

So here you go – – my fourth!

pet peeve














See that in RED – – -well..


What do I have wrong – the user ID or the password?.  Or is it both?  Because the way you state it – it seems like it is one or the other….

Tell me – what’s your pet peeves?

Happy Thursday!



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I went to Hawaii and had a miserable time…

My husband called me one afternoon back in January, asking if I’d like to join him on a business trip to Hawaii.  I could join him in his hotel, we could use the rental car and I could lounge by the pool or on the beach while he went to work.  The cost involved would be minimal.  After a few minutes of quickly figuring out the details, I said yes.

So we made our arrangements; I told my boss my plans, we arranged for my mother-in-law to fly out and watch our two sons and I started counting down the days!

And that day arrived.  My MIL had come a couple of days before, she was settled, the boys were excited for her to be here.   I had all the notes and schedules printed out, I had a medical power-of-attorney lined up…I was set to go.

Tim was already in Hawaii and I was to fly out to join him.

I got the kids off to school the morning of my departure, I wrapped up a few details for work and home before heading out.

I boarded the plane, said hi to my row mates and got settled in for the flight.

The minute we pulled away…

The minute we pulled away from gate, tears started streaming down my cheeks.  I quickly wiped them away, they kept falling.  I tried biting my lip to make them stop, they kept coming.

I was filled with this unexpected sense of longing for my boys to be with me, I wasn’t even off the runway and I missed them terribly.

When I arrived in Hawaii and found my husband, he was surprised by my admission of feelings.  He travels a lot, so he is used to being away from home.  I have traveled a couple of times alone since my kids have been born, so I too have been away from them.

Even though I knew my kids were home, safe and having fun with Grandma (and I totally trust her, I felt no concerns on that front), Tim and I had never been away from them together.  And I guess my heart didn’t like that.

The first morning after my arrival, Tim Facetimed with his mom and my younger son.  I had to excuse myself to the bathroom.  Just hearing Joey’s voice made me tear up.  I didn’t want him to see me upset, so Tim told him I was in the shower and would talk with him later.

Over the course of the week, it got a little better.  But it wasn’t quite the vacation in paradise I had imagined.  I had a hard time relaxing; thoughts of work and looming projects hung over me.  I continued to miss the boys and would see things at every turn that I knew they would enjoy.  I tried to relax and just couldn’t let go…..

I was in Hawaii having a miserable time.

I know what you are thinking.   PATHETIC!  SPOILED!  First world problems.

….but also reality.

Trust me, I was disappointed in myself.  Here I was, in paradise.  In the middle of a yucky winter.  Where at home it was raining and cold, here I was wearing flip-flops and sunglasses.  My kids were safe and I was with my husband.  And yet,  I couldn’t enjoy it.

So I decided….

So I decided to never to allow myself these feelings again.

I got home and I vowed to  change things.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t written much this year.  I’ve been working on myself.

The disappointment of my trip to Hawaii has haunted me.  I feel guilty for not being able to embrace the moment.  I regret not being able to let go and relax.

Over the last few months, I’ve been working on making some changes; enjoying the everyday moments, seeing things for what they are, attempting to “roll with it”.  Some attempts have been successful.  I’m still working on things though.  It is a work in progress, for sure.

As the season turns into Autumn, I’m feeling stronger.  I’m noticing my efforts are making a difference.  I’m getting there.


Have you ever gone on a vacation and had a miserable time?  Please share with me your experience, I can’t be the only pathetic one….




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It could be brilliant or not….

So I just did something that could either be a really brilliant move or just end up being a dude.  I put something out into the universe with the hopes that the timing is right and things will line up.

While the actual act was somewhat spontaneous, I’ve been thinking about it off and on for the last several months.  And while I ‘m not quite ready to share with you what I’ve done, I could use some positive vibes to push this along in said universe and help guide it to its destination.

It’s scary putting yourself out there, isn’t it?  Letting yourself feel exposed and vulnerable.

Considering I’m still in my pajamas, in my comfortable home and it isn’t even 8am yet, I guess I’m not too overly exposed.

It might be a minor leap I’ve taken and it might lead to nothing.  I’m hoping it was a minor leap that leads to a lot.

How about you?  Have you ever put yourself out there and taken a silly chance?  Did it work out?  Did it flop?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin



The bedroom is for….

Ted Talks….

Last month I wrote about a TED talk that I watched recently.  It was about challenging yourself to do something for 30 Days.

Did you watch the video?  Did you try something for 30 days?

I did!  But what ended up being my challenge for the month of July wasn’t what I had planned.

Originally, I thought I’d do both a professional challenge and a personal one.  My first thought for the professional challenge – write a blog, every day for 30 days.  My personal challenge was to cut out sugar.

Eeeek!  I’m not sure which would be harder.

I decided to postpone my 30 days of blog writing to a time when it was better suited for writing.  For me, that would have to be anytime that is not summer!  Without listing or making excuses, my summer is already busy enough!  Plus, I admit, my blog should be more about content and not quantity.  I’m stockpiling some ideas.  Maybe I’ll do a series, I like series and haven’t done one in awhile.

Stay tuned for the 30 days of blogs.  It is coming soon.

Giving up sugar actually turned out to be OK.  I will confess, I didn’t give up sugar completely.  I did have a couple of desserts and a handful of chocolate chips here and there.  But I did manage to cut out a lot of sugar over the course of the month.

Somehow a fight with my husband…

I mentioned that my challenge ended up being not exactly what I had planned….somehow a fight with my husband at 2am gave us a couple’s challenge instead.

Here’s the scene:

I’ve suffered from insomnia for the last ten years.

My husband too has sleep issues but I like to reserve the right to say I “suffer” from insomnia –  where he just can’t sleep.

We have a TV in our bedroom.

My husband will turn on said TV on the nights he can’t sleep. His choice of viewing – usually something loud and violent.  On this particular night, he picked Full Metal Jacket.

The next day, after the fight night – I was scheduled to take my first of two full days of my motorcycle safety class.  I was nervous about it and considering I was going to be riding a motorcycle most of the day, I wanted to feel well-rested.

As you can imagine, being woken up by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman screaming and asking what is “your major mal-function”, well – I was less than pleased.

The rest of the story is imaginable – stressed,anxious, tired, big fight, sleeping on the couch, grumpy couple, etc., etc…..

When I returned home, T. had removed the TV from our room – claiming he never wanted to fight like that again, especially in the middle of the night.   I wasn’t pleased – I didn’t want the TV out of our room. I offered that we could work out a schedule of what times the TV could be on and when it needed to be off.   He suggested we treat this as our first challenge and “try it for 30 days.”  I agreed to try it  – reluctantly.

…and the TV has not returned…

So here we are – Aug 5th and it has been over 30 days…and the TV has not returned to our room.

It has been an adjustment, I’ll admit.  I miss watching my shows, snuggled up in bed.  I’m missing out on the local news that I normally had playing while I got dressed in the morning.

But more importantly, we’ve both slept better.

Bedrooms are for sleeping and sex…

My friend Sally says “bedrooms are for sleeping and sex.”   And I’ve read countless tips on how to sleep better and they always include no TV in the bedroom.  There are many reasons besides 2am fights that a TV shouldn’t be in our bedroom.

OK – so this 30 day challenge was that – a challenge.  It was hard giving up the TV.  We had to make adjustments to our normal routine.  But for this, our first challenge – I think it is going to stick.  The TV’s not coming back.

What would you do? 

If you did a 30 day challenge  – what would you do?




My advice to newlyweds – – it’s not what you’d expect….

On Friday, some good friends’ young daughter is getting married.  I say “young” because while she is the same age I was when I got married (twenty-one) –  today, to me, that seems so young.  I often wonder – what were my parents thinking, letting me get married so young.

Alas, this October, my husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary – — soooo – maybe we’re doing something right?

Over the last 20 years, three bits of advice on how to have a successful marriage have stuck with me.

  1. As told to me from my mom’s friend a few days before my wedding – “Have something in common that is specifically for you as a couple.  Then have something that is exclusively yours.”
  2. From Dr. Phil  – “Marriage isn’t 50/50 – – it is 100/100!
  3. From Oprah – “It isn’t a good compromise if someone walks away happy.”

All three of these words of wisdom have stuck with me throughout the years and they pop up in my head from time to time – reminding me of some basics to keeping a good marriage.

If I could give one bit of advice to my young friend – it would be simple – – don’t fart in front of each other.

Seriously – don’t do it.

In twenty years – here’s what I’ve learned.

Right now – everything is  young, perky, funny, casual, lustful, easy.   Sadly – all these feelings will calm down at some point.

You are going to see each other at your worst and hopefully, when the times get tough,  you will trudge through them and get past it.  But when you are at your worst – either you are sick or selfish and that person who is your favorite today  -won’t always be your favorite and farting, while it is funny now – – is not going to be funny then.

Soon the tight butt and perky boobs aren’t so tight and aren’t so perky – and while you grow and mature with each other  – I hope acceptance of change does too.

But farts are loud and they stink and as you grow and mature – – well they just get louder and stinkyer!   And when the times are yucky – – farts are really yucky!

Seriously – – if I could change one thing about what I’ve done in my marriage – it would be to keep some things to myself – – and farting would be one of them.

How about you – – what advice would you give newlyweds?

Hope you have a great day!


PS – it is hard for me to say or write the word “Fart“.  That was a taboo word in my house, growing up.  I understand that sometimes, things slip out – those are “toots“. For the sake of this blog today – Farts are intentional.

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Just for Fun….Google Chrome Commerical I saw last night

Want to know a little tidbit about me?  I like to critique TV commercials.

Well, from the little bit of live TV that I watch that is.

I remember from a marketing class in college, we learned all the different angles of advertising: emotion, family, intrigue, guilty, jealousy, humor, wonder, information, etc.  I like to label commercials with different categories and see how they fit.

Usually, I watch DVR’d versions of any show that I like and I skip through the commercials.

But last night I happened upon this commercial and thought it was pretty good.


I really like this commercial.  It reminds me of my relationship with my Dad. I can usually just call my dad up and have a casual talk about something really big or something not at all.  Yesterday we talked about how a hot water heater works.

Anyway, this commercial has the perfect combination of intrigue, emotion, compassion and feel-goodidness (that’s a real word, by the way, (that I just made up)).   It shows how Google Chrome connects people, through all the different emotions of  life.  It give s you the feeling that you too want to connect with people, to have that same relationship as the father and daughter have.

I makes me want to check out what more Google Chrome can do.

What do you think?  Do you like this commercial?

Happy Friday Everyone!