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Tip #21 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #21 – Beware of Garage Sales


It’s starting to warm up and people (like us) are cleaning out their homes and spaces.  Next up – sell all your stuff!

I’ve never really gotten into garage-saling.  I know it is a thing, and I know you can probably find some good deals out there.  Honestly, I would rather go for a run or sleep-in on a Saturday morning than go driving around and go shopping through other people’s used items.

This morning, my boys and I spent about two hours picking-up and cleaning our house.  And the whole time I was thinking, we just don’t really need any more stuff.  I don’t want to have to deal with or clean around anymore stuff!

I think the best way to make the most out of garage sales is to have a plan or a wish list.  But most importantly – stick to your plan.  It is so easy to fall to temptation over the cute picture of the cat or another toy for your grandson.  But if it isn’t on the list or part of the plan….ask  yourslef – do you really want to pick it up later, clean around it later, eventually get rid of it later?




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Tip #20 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #20 – Make your bed. 

peaceful and calming

peaceful and calming


not peaceful or calming

not peaceful or calming

I make my bed every.single.day.  Never fails.  NEVER!  It haunts me if it is unmade.  It will call me from the bedroom, begging to be made, longing to be finished.  A bed wants to be slept in and then it wants to made!

This is probably the most simple thing that someone can do to reduce clutter.  So, if you make one change this month to reduce clutter – –  move the cat and go make your bed!  

Do you make your bed?  Everyday?  Let’s take a poll: 


Happy Friday, Everyone!


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Tip #19 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #19 – When getting out of the car, take everything with you. 

At first I looked up dirty car and the images were too gross to share on a spring afternoon.  Let's all strive for this.

At first I looked up dirty car and the images were too gross to share on a spring afternoon. Let’s all strive for this.

This one is a good one for me – but not my kids.  Every time I get out of my car, I empty it.  I take any trash out, I bring in my coats, scarves, hats, I always unload everything that I brought with me or acquired in my trip.  My kids, they don’t.  So I remind them and they sometimes do a good job, and sometimes they can’t see the forest for the trees and leave half the stuff they brought with them in the car.  It’s a continuous thing we work on.

But I insist on it!  Because the car can get just cluttered as your home, your desk, your junk drawer (remember last weekend when I cleaned out my junk drawer? I posted pictures on the before and after on Facebook.)


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Tip #18 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #18 – Beware of free stuff


I belong to a few different “give-away” groups.  There is Freecycle on Yahoo Groups, the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook and I’m sure many others that might be indigenous to your community.  I love the community spirit of giving away goods that you no longer need and not wanting to fill up landfills.  I think there is a true sense of one person’s trash is another’s treasure.  I love it!

Just be careful.  I see on the groups to which I belong, many of the same people are responding and taking lots and lots of things.  Maybe they really need these items.  But maybe their home is a cluttered mess of junk.  Remember – clutter is time consuming.  It causes you to not be able to find things, it makes more to clean around and more to organize.  It clutters up the free space in your mind.

I always think to myself – do I really need that or would it just be nice to have.  Sometimes nice is great – but sometimes nice turns into too much.

Happy First Day of Spring!


PS – did you ever score a great find on a give-away group like these?  Or did you ever give away something that no longer fit in your needs but was prefect for someone else?  Please share your experience.

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Tip #17 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #17 – Throw Pillows


Let’s all pretend that this is my living room!

My family and I have a love/hate relationship with throw pillows.  I love them.  They hate them.  I think they belong on the couch and chairs.  I use them to prop up a book or magazine or maybe my bowl if I’m eating popcorn on the couch while watching TV.  I also use them in the traditional sense – as a pillow if I’m going to take a nap.

My two sons see no use for them and throw them all over the floor whenever they want to sit on the couch or chairs.

So for this tip – What’s my tip?  Get rid of throw pillows?  But – but…..

I can’t get rid of throw pillows, but I can set rules.  Put them back nicely, every time!  Le’ts play a game called “pretend Grandma is coming over.”

How about you – do you have a never-ending battle with throw pillows?


Did you know my last blog post was my 200th post?  Did you read it?  It was titled “The New Footloose – My Thoughts“.   And thanks for reading everyone.

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Tip #16 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Tip #16 – Only a few toys at a time 

Do you hate all the toys all over the house all of the time?  And the daily or hourly clean up that is required just to keep your house (and the bottom of your feet) clean and safe.  If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego, you know what I’m talking about.

My friend told me about this trick, and I’m tempted to give it a try.  She packs all of her son’s toys in various storage boxes and keeps them in the garage.  Then she only brings out one or two boxes at a time.  She says her son doesn’t get bored with his toys as they are always fresh.  And clean up time is greatly reduced too.

My friend first started this because at the time, they were living in a tiny house.  But even after they moved into a larger home, she kept up with this method as it proved to be working for her and her family.

Have you ever tried something like this?  Tell me about it!




Tip #15 – 28 Days of Decluttering

Ahhhhh….I’ve fallen behind with the daily tips.  How is it the 18th already?

Tip #15 – The 30 Day Method

Ok - this is from my kitchen.  One of my drawers.  See that beater attachment, that's probably not going to make it 30 days.

Ok – this is from my kitchen. One of my drawers. See that mixer attachment, that’s probably not going to make it 30 days.

I heard about this on Oprah once, from her organizing guru Peter Walsh.  I’m not really sure of the name, so I am calling it the 30 Day Method.

How it works is – if you are having a hard time getting rid of things for fear of not having them when you need them – try this method.  Place all of the items in question (e.g. kitchen utensils, lotions, jewelry, etc.) and place it in a box.  As you need something, pull it out of the box and use it.  Then put it back in the normal place (e.g. kitchen drawer for utensils).  At the end of the 30 days, whatever is left in the box, ask yourself – do you really need these things?  If not – out they go!  

Want to join me?  Send me your pictures or tell me what you are subjecting to 30 days!

I’m inspiring myself with these decluttering tips this month.  Follow me at my Facebook page where I’ve shared my closet full of reverse hangers and see my clean junk drawer.  I’ll post updates on my kitchen utensils there too.