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Tip #18 – 28 Days of Decluttering

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Tip #18 – Beware of free stuff


I belong to a few different “give-away” groups.  There is Freecycle on Yahoo Groups, the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook and I’m sure many others that might be indigenous to your community.  I love the community spirit of giving away goods that you no longer need and not wanting to fill up landfills.  I think there is a true sense of one person’s trash is another’s treasure.  I love it!

Just be careful.  I see on the groups to which I belong, many of the same people are responding and taking lots and lots of things.  Maybe they really need these items.  But maybe their home is a cluttered mess of junk.  Remember – clutter is time consuming.  It causes you to not be able to find things, it makes more to clean around and more to organize.  It clutters up the free space in your mind.

I always think to myself – do I really need that or would it just be nice to have.  Sometimes nice is great – but sometimes nice turns into too much.

Happy First Day of Spring!


PS – did you ever score a great find on a give-away group like these?  Or did you ever give away something that no longer fit in your needs but was prefect for someone else?  Please share your experience.


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