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Tip #13 – 28 Days of Decluttering

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Tip #13 – What to do with all the books. 

Ten points to the person who can name that blue book on the right?

Ten points to the person who can name that blue book on the right?

This is the stack of books on my bed-side table.

I think I’ve let this get away from me in hopes that if I see the books I will actually read them.

My office bookshelf

My office bookshelf


And get this – the bottom shelf of this shelving unit in my office are all books I still need to read.

I have a system – I’m just not using it.  The top two shelves are books I’ve read and want to keep. The bottom shelf is for books to read at some point.

Here’s a challenge for myself – – maybe I’ll go move my books from my bed side to the unread shelf and declutter my bed-side table.

How about you – what do you do with your book collection(s)?  Here is an article I found with some really helpful tips!  ‘Not My Precious Books!’ — Pain-Free Ways to Declutter Your Library





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