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Tip #10 – 28 Days of Decluttering


Tip #10 – A clean pantry is a healthy pantry

Here's is sneak peak into my pantry.

Here’s is sneak peak into my pantry.


Here’s a challenge!  Everyone go into your pantry and pull out the oldest item in there and post it below.  Seriously.  I’m sure we all have something in there!  Something old and outdated.

WHY?  Because pantries are so easy to lose thing.  They are deep and dark and perfect for  – “I’m just not in the mood to eat that“.  Then that thing gets pushed further and further back into the abyss- only to never be seen  again!

But a clean, uncluttered, well organized pantry is healthy and fresh (even the canned goods).  Take some time to declutter your pantry this week.  Use up what can be used.  Donated the stuff  you know you won’t use.  And start fresh!

OK – back to the challenge – I’ll go first – here is something I pulled out of my pantry this afternoon.


That’s a jar of applesauce  I made back in 2012.  Got something older?  Show me!



Author: amymunns

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3 thoughts on “Tip #10 – 28 Days of Decluttering

  1. Yay for de-cluttered pantries! That was one of the first things I tackled!

  2. May I just say: I am soooo jealous of your pantry! I won’t show you the oldest thing in mine, but trust me, it’s waaay older than 2012!

  3. Ok no photo but there is a bottle of General Tso’s chicken sauce that I have been hanging on to for about eight years! Throwing out now….

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