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28 Days of – February

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So here it is – February 1st.  WOW – January flew by.

So in this month of love – I thought it would be fun to do a series on 28 Days of Random Acts of Kindness.


We’ve all heard about the RAK’s where the person in the latte line buys a latte for the person behind him and it gets paid forward throughout the day.  I love that!

But I thought for this series, we should do – FREE RAK’s.  That’s right – things that don’t cost a penny to do.  Just simple act of kindness that happen to be random.

What do you think?  I’m a little short on my list of 28 – care to share some of your ideas?  Just leave them in the comments below.

Happy February Everyone!

Tip 1 – Take a mom’s grocery cart back to the store. 

Even Tori Spelling would appreciate this Random Act Of Kindness.

Even Tori Spelling would appreciate this Random Act Of Kindness.

This one is super easy!  You see a mom of young kinds unloading her car, she’s torn – does she strap the toddlers into their car seats and then run to the cart corral ?  Or does she return the carts and carry the kids and her purse back to the car?  Make it easy on her (or an elderly person, or a pregnant lady, maybe when it is raining or freezing, or maybe just to someone you are walking by who is done with their cart).




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