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Tips 23 & 24 – 28 Days of Reducing Distractions

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We all remember why I’m working on this series this month, right?   As part of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014 – I’m working on my Year of No – and that includes No Yelling!  You can click on this link to read more:

Tip 23 – Write it down and save it for later. 

I’ve started this new system where I only put between five and seven things to do on my list each day.  In all honesty, that is about all I can get done in one day – five to seven things.  When I know I can’t get to one more thing, I start tomorrow’s do-to list and put those action items on there.  It has helped a lot with my brain going into overload and overwhelm.  It’s not procrastination, its smart planning.


Tip 24 – Stop multi-tasking.  

Studies show that one can’t check your email, your voice mail and pay attention to your kids and listen to your husband all at the same time.  Our brains are wired to fully concentrate on one task at a time.  Smart ways to multi-task;  doing laundry while cooking dinner, sitting on an exercise ball while typing an email and coaching your kids’ soccer team (time spent with your kids and getting some exercise too).

Any other ways to multi-task smartly?  

Happy Monday, Everyone!




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