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Days 6 & 7 – 28 Days – Reducing Distractions

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The irony is not lost on me that I literally got too distracted with life and other stuff to actually write on how to reduce distractions.

Here’s what happened – I’ve been suffering from a dull headache for the last few days, nothing too bad – just, well…distracting.  Advil and water didn’t help, sleep only postponed it until I was awake again.  Allergies?  No.

Then it occurred to me….I haven’t changed out my contacts in a while.   (I replace my contacts every couple of weeks).

And that did it!  Which brings me to Tips 6 & 7 of the 28 Days of Reducing Distractions

#6 – Take your medicine. 

There is a difference between getting a cold or the flu or a having a serious illness. But if you suffer from headaches, or allergies or muscle pain from exercise – – keep your everyday medication handy and keep on top of them.  Don’t let the pain and suffering get so bad that you can’t function.

dont panic


#7 – Take care of yourself first.  AKA – put your breathing mask on first.  

You know how they tell you to do this on an airplane.  I get it!  You can’t help others when you’re plagued by distractions of your own.  Eat on a regular schedule, take your vitamins and drink plenty of water and get good rest.  Only when you’re taken care of can  you take care of others.



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