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One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my professional life that rolls over easily into my personal life is to “trust your intuition“.

One time…

One of my first jobs when I was newly married and still in college was working in a local bank as a teller.  And one of the things that I was trained on was to “trust your intuition”.  If there was a time when we felt something wasn’t right about a transaction,  we were told to trust our feelings and get a second opinion or deny the person the transaction all together.

I remember once I asked for identification from a lady who wanted to do a withdraw from “her” account.  When she handed the ID to me, I didn’t feel 100% about the photo matching the person in front of me.  So I stepped away and asked the head teller for her thoughts.  While she and I were talking, the lady ran off.

Something in me told me to question the transaction and when I did – we discovered that the lady wasn’t the owner of the account.  We later called the owner and she didn’t even realize her ID was missing.

Then this other time….

Another time, when I hired a new employee for my pet sitting service, I didn’t listen to my intuition.  This new person I was interviewing was fine, he had all the qualifications and he seemed fine.  There was nothing wrong with him.  But I just didn’t get a warm and fuzzy from him.  He was just fine.  Even though I offered him the job, many of clients felt the same way – he was OK but not what we wanted as a pet sitter.  I ended up having to let him go.

In this situation – I should have listened to my gut when it was telling me  – “yes, there is nothing wrong with him, but that doesn’t make him right for the job.”

And finally, last week….

Jump to this past week where I had a successful listening to my intuition experience.

My friend Maria is a huge plant lover.  And not just like an “oh, that’s a pretty flower” sort of person (like me).  She dives into the life of a plant, knows their botanical names, writes poetry about plants.  She is a plant.  OK – that might be too much – – but you get my drift.

Do you remember Elizabeth Gilbert?  Come on – – where have you heard that name before?

She wrote – Eat, Pray, Love!

Did you love that book?

She has come out with a new book that was released earlier this fall.  This one is fiction, titled The Signature of All Things.

The signature of all thingsThis novel is about a 19th Century woman named Alma who becomes a botanist, which happens to be one of the only scientific fields women of that time were allowed to be in.

I’ve read the comments and reviews about this book – all talking about the way Gilbert describes Alma and her love of plants and their beauty.  All I can think about whenever I have read any of these comments was – “Maria would love this book.”

BUT – – Maria – HATED  – Eat, Pray Love.  H.A.T.E.D. I.T.!!!

How can I give her a book by the same author?

Now, in all fairness – Eat, Pray, Love is a totally different book.  It is a memoir.  And truth be known – people either loved it or hated it.  So – Maria is not alone in her disdain.

OK, so here’s what happened….

So, last weekend, Maria and I met for lunch.   After we caught up and finished eating, I pulled the wrapped book out of my bag and handed it over to Maria. This was my Christmas gift to her.

I had an entire speech planned on how even though she hated Gilbert’s other book – this was different, and please give it a try.  I was prepared to call up Amazon and read her reviews.  I even had the gift receipt ready to go in case she hated it.

Well – she unwrapped and squealed!

“I’ve been wanting this book!!!”


My gut feeling was right – – this was a perfect gift for her.

How about you – do you have a story when your intuition proved you right or wrong?  I’d love to hear it!


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