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For whom do you wear makeup?


It’s 1:30 as I sit to write on this Wednesday afternoon.  I just got home from the gym and I’ve yet to shower today.  And – my husband is out-of-town.

By the time I do shower, it will be an hour or so before my kids get home from school and we have no real plans this afternoon to go anywhere.

So my question is – do I put on my makeup?

Doing my hair is a non-question.  I have curly hair and I have to put moosse in it or it turns into all curly and Medusa like.  Plus, I just let it air dry.  It’s pretty low maintenance that way.

But my makeup is another story.  I mean, no one is really going to see me – well except my kids.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup – but I do use it to balance out the skin tones and then there is eyeliner and blush…..

To be honest, I hate walking past a mirror when I have no makeup on.  I feel  – yucky and unfinished.  I typically wear makeup everyday.  I also typically touch it up in the afternoons or if I’m headed out somewhere.

I follow this blog called Baby Sideburns.  She is hilarious but sometimes she writes a serious piece.  The other day she wrote about going makeup free for a week to show her daughter that beauty comes from the inside.  She doesn’t want to instill in her daughter at such a young age the need for beauty enhancements.

What about you – do you wear makeup everyday?  Even if you put it on late in the afternoon and you have no plans to go anywhere and your husband is out-of-town?

I do….

Do I need to rethink this?



Author: amymunns

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2 thoughts on “For whom do you wear makeup?

  1. I struggled with this one – as a mother to a self-proclaimed princess girly-girl. Pink, necklaces, barrettes, bows, nail polish are all things she seems drawn to. It is a force for her as naturally occurring as the earth’s pull to the sun. Is this something I want to foster …? I dont know, but I’ll get back to that.

    — I wear make-up for me. Like you, I dont wear much. Just enough to diminish the monster bags under my eyes (whose origin is both genetic and environmental), smooth out the lines born of too many TX summers, and broken blood vessels from a decade of way too much unmemorable fun – oh, those roaring 20’s. Wearing make-up doesnt mean I am hiding these things, trust me, they shine through by 1pm anyway. I doesnt mean I lack in self-esteem, I regained that in my 30’s. I am not trying to be something I am not, because then I’d have a glam squad like Kim Kardashian – (and a nanny like her too). But I brush my teeth every morning, shower & I iron clothes from the dryer – because I wake up every morning a little stinky & wrinkled. Thus, I put on make up everyday because it makes me look and feel a little more put together. Its the difference in seeing me in standard def vs. HD.

    Wearing make-up, or not, is not a stand I feel compelled to take. Right now I look at my daughter’s unblemished perfection and I marvel at the tightness and tiny-ness of her pores. She is, without question or hesitation, a living beauty – a vision. She has no need for make-up but she has the want, trust me. Its all she can do to get her tiny claws on my stash of war paint and I cannot holdout on her. Those sparkly eyes that come up to just below my hip & just over the countertop are pleading with me “Please sir, may I have some more ____, glitter, blush, lip gloss”.

    So, just like so many things, it is my responsibility to teach my daughter what beauty really is. To tell her everyday that she is amazing inside & out …. and that glitter, just a little, isn’t bad at all.

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