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I got pulled over the other day….

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A little over a week ago, I was driving to pick up my mom at the airport.  She is on her annual visit here at our house, coming from Texas, enjoying our cooler weather and celebrating both my sons’ August birthdays and the first day of school.

The airport is almost an hour and a half from my house and my car is older and has a lot of miles on it.  Because of this, I usually drive my husband’s newer truck when I travel far from home.  It is a lot bigger than my car.  But it is newer and I feel safer when so far from home.

Right before I left for the airport, I paid our bills and balanced my checkbook.  I checked a few emails and my Facebook once last time before hitting the road.  It was about 8:30 at night.

As I was driving…

As I was driving, my thoughts were of our finances and what upcoming expenses we’d be expecting; back to school, swim lessons, Halloween, wine club at my house in November, the Holidays, etc.,etc., etc.  My thoughts also drifted to my mom and her declining health and my concern about how she would handle the trip, my dogs and my crazy boys.

Then there were flashing lights in my rear-view mirror!

HOLY SHIT!  Am I being pulled over?

Yup – I moved to the side, hoping he would pass me.  Alas – NO.  He pulled in right behind me.

There he was….

I waited patiently for him to approach the window and there he was, Officer Blue Eyes – um, I mean – The Very Respectable Trooper.

Here’s how it went down:

Blue Eyes: “Do you know why I stopped you?”

Me: “no” 

BE:  “you’ve been swaying off and on the fog line”

Me (in my head) – what’s a fog line?  “OK”

BE: “ are you talking or texting on your phone?”  “Have you had anything to drink tonight”

Me: “no, nothing, I had iced tea with dinner. “

He proceeded to ask me questions and I admitted that I was sort of deep in thought and maybe didn’t realize that I had been hugging the fog line (which by now it was explained to me that is the white shoulder line.)  I also admitted that I wasn’t used to driving this bigger truck and maybe I was over-compensating for the size.

I didn’t get a ticket…

It all worked out and I didn’t get a ticket.  Whew!  He looked perplexed, probably waiting for me to crack and disclose that I was in fact, under the influence or doing something wrong.   Finally I giggled and said “you probably don’t get many ‘deep in thought’ excuses – huh?”   He laughed too and told me to be careful and sent me on my way.

I got to thinking….again….

As I pulled out into traffic, my hands on ten and two, paying very close attention to my perfect placement within the lane….I got to thinking…again.

He did me a huge favor…..

Have you ever arrived at a destination after driving and “woke up” when you got there and realized you don’t remember anything about the actual drive.  That happened to me.  I had been on the road probably twenty minutes, deep in my head with thoughts and calculations – I wasn’t even paying attention to driving.  He did me a huge favor by pulling me over – he woke me up.

I forget to focus on the moment…

And it made me think – how many times am I deep in my head and not really focusing or paying attention to what is happening around me?  With my kids, my friends, my dogs, my professional life, my health, my marriage?  Am I so consumed by thoughts and plans, that I forget to focus on the moment and pay attention to what is happening in the now?

…it made me think….

….it made me think…which sort of got me in trouble to begin with….or did it?

Happy Wednesday to you all!


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One thought on “I got pulled over the other day….

  1. Nice article and story, Amy. Well said…

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