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Enough talk, talk, talk…

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I haven’t been writing much this year, in fact – it seems I’ve taken quite the hiatus over the last six weeks.   It certainly isn’t because I am lacking material.  In fact, it is the exact opposite – – I have a very long list of things I’d like to write about.  Many revolve around the start of the new year, setting realistic goals, outlining what  your future holds, etc., etc., etc.

But for some reason – while the ideas keep coming – – I haven’t had the motivation to put pen to paper (so to speak) and share my thoughts with you.

Then it donned on me!  All I do is talk.  All I do is share information on this blog.

I think it is time to change that. 

I’ve been writing for the last few years  – bringing you tips on how to do effective laundry, how to have stress free dinner times, defining business terms and applying them to personal and professional settings.  I hope I’ve offered some valuable information, and I hope you’ve walked away after reading with something new and worth trying.

But there comes a time when talking is just that – talk!

My vision for my blog and my consulting business is to help people.  My passion is to find solutions to everyday problems and help people’s lives get better and easier.   These solutions might help busy moms, active families,  small business owners and overextended professionals.  I love it!



But I’m not doing it.  



So – this year – for all my followers, I invite you to join me and stop all the talk and instead  – I offer a call to action.  I’ll explain more about this tomorrow (see what I did there, a little teaser to keep you coming back for more).

It is going to be fun and challenging – – but most of all – it is going to be doable!  We’re going to see results and feel good about ourselves.  I hope you’ll join in on the journey and share your story.

Call to action – – who’s in?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I can’t wait until tomorrow!



Author: amymunns

Finding more minutes in your day. Specializing in time management, goal setting, prioritizing tasks for small business, busy professionals and active families.

One thought on “Enough talk, talk, talk…

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