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I was working on a blog for Friday afternoon – like I usually do, tossing it around in my head for a little bit until I’m ready to sit down and type it out.  Then I read some cryptic Facebook posts from my friends, things like “I’ll be holding my daughter a little tighter today” and “When is it going to stop” and finally “Can we now talk about gun control”.  

After I got my older son on the school bus, I came back inside and vacuumed the floors in preparation of the carpet cleaner coming.  I had my hold day planned out; some house cleaning, some Christmas gift wrapping, a blog to write and a little work to get done.  It all came to a screeching halt once I turned on the TV.

I’ve read many articles and blogs and Facebook comments about how people are feeling over the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  I have my opinions too.  Either I’m not ready to write them all out, or I’m not quite sure this is the right place to share them….

Immediately after I heard the news, I wanted to go to my son’s school and pick him up and bring him home.  I wasn’t fearful for his safety, I just wanted him home with me.  I resisted because I didn’t know what I would tell him as to why I pulled him out of school.  I only told him about the shooting this morning.

As the day progressed and the conflicting news reports came in, all I felt was sadness and sorrow for the families and the community.  I asked over and over “how” – – why doesn’t matter – to me, because I know we’ll never know why.   I just want to know “how can someone do this sort of horrible thing to such little kids?” 

Over the weekend the articles and comments continued and many are pointing to gun control and a concentration on helping those who suffer from mental illness.

Today – –  I feel a call to action.  I just don’t know what the action would be.  After the 9-11 attacks, living on the West Coast, I gave blood.  After hurricanes and tornadoes, it is easy to give to the Red Cross.  I want to do something, something – — but what?  All I seem to be able to do is cry.

I wanted to talk about Christmas traditions on Friday and to hear from people what sort of traditions they have around this time of year.  I think I’m going to take another couple of days before I jump into the blog routine.  I know the best thing to do in situations like this is to carry on and not let the people who do these horrible acts win – – but I’m not taking time away for the shooter – I’m taking it off for those 20 little ones and those six teachers.

Best to you and your family during this time.  If you feel like writing your thoughts out, you are welcomed to share them in the comments section.

~  amy   =(  


There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were. 

~Dwight D. Eisenhower






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