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greasy hamburgers on the side of the road….


My mom has terrible arthritis.

This year I started running again and have done a about 40K in organized runs – (that’s four 5K’s and two – 10K’s)

When I started running again, I told myself that I wanted to do the annual Jingle Bell 5K Run – it is for the Arthritis Foundation.  And I was going to run for my mom.

The run was scheduled for this past Saturday.  But my running partner emailed me first thing in the morning, stating she had a migraine.  Plus it was raining pretty hard and was predicted to rain all day.

This is a very popular run, people dress up in costume and wear jingle bells and it looks like a lot of fun.  But I have to admit I chickened out once my friend said she couldn’t make it.  I was intimidated by the number of people doing it and I didn’t want to go alone.  Not to mention, I’m a running in the rain wimp.  Hey – I have tender feet.

So, while I didn’t get to run for my mom this year, I will think of her on my next run.  And I just might get some jingle bells to wear too just for the fun of it.

The plus side of my friend’s cancelling was, I was able to hang out with my husband and our two sons that morning.  My husband is a pretty good wood worker and makes model submarine cribbage boards that he sells.  They are really beautiful and he is pretty busy right now getting orders out in time for Christmas.  He was heading to his favorite wood store to get more wood for more boards.  This shop is almost an hour away.  My friend’s email came in just in time for me to catch them while he was loading everyone up – I quickly changed my clothes and jumped in the truck to join them.

On the way up to the shop, we all talked and listened to Christmas music on the radio.  The shop was busy as many other wood workers were busy buying wood for their projects and since it is pretty boring inside – the boys and I stayed in the truck and browsed through a stack of catalogs I had brought with me.  Finally, Tim comes back, loads up the truck and announces that he is hungry.

We stopped by a cute little burger joint called Burgers Landing. It is a pick up only type of place with a nose of an airplane on the front.  They have picnic tables to eat outside, but it was still raining and it was too cold anyway to eat outside.  So, Tim drove us to a cute little park overlooking the Hood Canal.  While we were parked and eating, we played an old game Tim just made up.

It is called – “who is the best at….

It is really an easy game.  The way it is played is – one person is the judge and that person gets to set a contest of the best – –  whatever.  Some of our contests were, who could make the best cat sounds, who could eat a french fry the fastest, who could sing Jingle Bells the prettiest.  We came up with some fun variations of contests.  And we laughed – a lot!  We had a great time sitting in our truck, fogging up the windows, eating our lunch and playing this funny game.

I share this story with you to remind us all that sometimes the best memories happen when we are spontaneous and are least expecting it.  In this season of magic and traditions, when we try to make every event something extra special that we will always remember  – like beautiful Holiday cards where everyone is perfectly dressed and clean, Nutcracker ballets, trips to see Santa….Don’t get me wrong, I love these too and I truly believe that these all make beautiful memories, ones we’ll treasure forever.

But so do greasy hamburgers on the side of the road…

Happy Tuesday!


PS – We were so busy laughing, we didn’t get one picture.  I but I manage to find a photo of the burger joint.

Burgers landing


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