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My husband’s freak out….

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The other day my husband had a freak out.   You see – he is just as crazy (if not more) about keeping our house neat and tidy.  His daily quote which is said at least a dozen times each day is… “here, go put this away”.

His constant need to have a tidy house does get a little tiresome, I admit.  I’ve been able to relax the rules a little bit on toys around the house.  But I do admit, I have a breaking point and when I hit – everything needs to be picked up and put away.  NOW!!!

So our boys love to have toys in their hands – all.the.time.  They always have something in their hands.  And then, these things seem to just get set down in places and never seem to get picked up again.  So I totally get Tim’s frustration with toys all over the house.  We have a play room.  They each have their own rooms – yet toys still end up in our cars, in our bed, and always – always on the kitchen counter.

So the other day, Tim had it.  He went into a bit of a cleaning frenzy and put all the toys away himself.  Great, I said!  Thanks for the help!

Here’s the kicker….not ten minutes later (ten minutes!) he comes into my office to show me a catalog with a new toy he wants to get the boys for Christmas.


That’s when my head exploded.

Seriously – I calmly explained to him  that he had just had a conniption over all the stuff around the house and now he wants to get more stuff?

This is not our house – are you kidding – both Tim and I would lose it if it were. http://household-tips.thefuntimesguide.com/2009/01/organize_kitchen.php

I totally get it!  There is just so much cool stuff out there.  And having kids makes you realize it even more.  There are a ton of cool and different and educational things I’d love to get for our boys.  Heck – somethings I’d like for myself.

But from a time management viewpoint – more stuff means less time.

Wanting and acquiring more and more stuff creates the need to have to work more and more… taking time away from our family and friends.

Likewise – once we get the stuff, it just causes more and more clutter and more and more work to keep it clean and to live around.  Traipsing through piles of clutter looking for that piece of paper, always running late because you can’t find your keys…clutter causes chaos.

Just something to consider as we enter the gift giving season.

Happy Monday Everyone!



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One thought on “My husband’s freak out….

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