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Tips on Tuesday – Teach ’em young to say Thank you.

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My Facebook news feed is bombarded this month with friends expressing their daily thoughts on gratitude.  Everyone is happy for their health, family, job, freedom, right to vote, and so on.  One friend is happy for her dog and another for her curly hair (I can totally relate to that one, and the dog one too).  I’m not complaining – I like it.  And even though I’m not partaking with the daily gratitude declaration, I am enjoying reading those of others.


A few weeks ago, my friend and I took each of our two sons to see an afternoon movie.  As we were heading out to our cars after the movie was complete, she commented to me “I wish my boys would say Thank You, unprompted to me for taking them on this special treat.”  I wanted to somehow secretly pull her sons aside and tell them to give their mom a big hug and a thank you.  Sadly, I couldn’t have done it without her noticing, and I wonder and hope that they said thank you in the car on the way home.

I think as parents we know how we want our kids to act and we expect them to act this way – but we forget that we need to teach them how to act.  We need to teach our kids to say thank you for everything, even when we don’t want to have to prompt them. We need to act the way we want them to act, and saying thank you to them for things they do is one example.

My husband is really good about reminding our sons to say thank you at the dinner table (almost every night).  And even as awkward as it seems, when he is not eating dinner with us – I remind the boys to thank me for dinner too.  My hope is that someday, they won’t need a reminder, and they will do it all on their own.

So for this month, the month of Thanksgiving, let’s all say an extra Thank you and teach ’em young how it’s done!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

And Thank You for reading.  



PS – my A Minute A Thought blog offers a daily inspirational quote.  Check it out and subscribe – this month we’re featuring quotes on gratitude.



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